Cultural Marxism

Why is the Western World, and the United States in particular, disintegrating so rapidly into chaos and authoritarianism?

I often point out its origin–Satan and the demonic world–which most media ignore, but also seek to analyze the human angle.

Recently, I read an article by Mike Gonzalez that made clear the ideology causing clashes in the streets today. It’s incidental whether the perpetrators are Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Hamas, and a host of other agitators.

We are fighting cultural Marxism.

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Affirmative Action RIP

The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down Affirmative Action in college admissions.

AA was as unfair and un-American as the recent atheist (woke) meltdown over country singer Jason Aldean’s #1 hit song “Try That In A Small Town.” Due to our biblical heritage, we Americans believe in freedom and equal opportunity for people.

In this article, I want to share Victor Davis Hanson’s wisdom on Affirmative Action while engaging in a little critical thinking. 

May Affirmative Action rest in peace.

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Why I Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day

On January 16, I joined millions of Americans in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

During the day, I also saw articles and listened to commentary by some folks who questioned Dr. King’s fitness to have a national holiday named for him.

I understood their concerns, but disagreed with their conclusion. 

Here’s why I celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

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