Destroying the Foundations: Tyranny (Force)

The Bible is clear that the destroyer in our world is Satan and his demons (John 10:10, Revelation 9:11). His main vehicle for destruction is force, which is human tyranny in many forms.

The most obvious method of destruction is unjust war–such as religiously-tyrannical Iran firing 300 missiles at the sovereign state of Israel last weekend. Thank God that through the prayers of millions, Israeli defense, and the support of other nations, little damage was done.  

It was a grim reminder that evil tyranny is alive and well. And it’s not just afflicting Israel.

A spirit of tyranny (force) is also rising in America to destroy our godly foundations.

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The Gift of Life and the SOTU

I was planning to write this week on President Biden’s recent State of the Union address to 32 million Americans across the country.

It was the darkest, angriest SOTU I’ve ever witnessed.

But today (which happens to be my birthday) after enjoying morning devotions, God nudged me to also focus on the amazing “gift of life” we’ve all received despite the evil of our times.

Life is a treasure to cherish–and use wisely to combat the darkness. Read More

Why Are They Destroying America?

It’s amazing how current-day radicals are moving at break-neck speed to destroy the United States of America.

Much of the Church is silent about this cultural disintegration, and the masses too self-absorbed by entertaining themselves in the gutter of social media. 

Who will stand up to the growing waves of national destruction?

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