Cultural Marxism

Why is the Western World, and the United States in particular, disintegrating so rapidly into chaos and authoritarianism?

I often point out its origin–Satan and the demonic world–which most media ignore, but also seek to analyze the human angle.

Recently, I read an article by Mike Gonzalez that made clear the ideology causing clashes in the streets today. It’s incidental whether the perpetrators are Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Hamas, and a host of other agitators.

We are fighting cultural Marxism.

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If I Were the Devil

I’ve never been big on conspiracy theories though the blocking of the JFK assassination papers from the public makes me wonder what’s being hidden. Fortunately, in the the next life, everything will be revealed (Luke 12:3). I’m sure we’ll be shocked about “what really took place” in history.

I do believe in one conspiracy the Bible describes and is caricatured in C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness:

The devil and his demons conspiring to destroy human beings.

During the past one hundred years, if I were the devil, what would I do?

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Christian Nationalism is a Great Thing

A couple of years ago, a spiritual leader publicly questioned my teachings on America’s faith-based values and heritage. I was surprised by the unsolicited attack.

The leader accused me of teaching “Christian nationalism”–a term I had never heard before. 

After hearing this phrase become mainstreamed in our culture over the past few years. I understand why some believers are being deceived into thinking it’s bad.

They’re being lied to. 

Christian nationalism is a great thing.

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