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I have worked for spiritual awakening in the United States for many years. My passion is to incite renewal in the lives of individuals and groups in the United States to transform the American nation. Reviving America is a key to reaching other nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

May the blogs, books and videos help awaken your own life to passionately serve the King of kings and complete His Great Commission.

Right now – at this moment – what is God’s opinion of you (and your heart)? It’s not too complex to God. It’s also redeemable. Shapeable. Read more...

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All In on Returning to God

September 22, 2020

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We’re fighting a worldview battle in the USA. Christian Europe lost that war decades ago and is being Islamicized and traumatized by terrorism. The final, major bastion of the free world is the United States and its Bible-based Constitution. Demonic forces and their earthly allies are hell-bent on tearing it down.

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The first role of governments is to protect their citizens (Romans 13:1-7). Every human being is endowed by God with certain “unalienable rights” that political leaders are commanded to guard, either from enemies within (criminals) or enemies without (other nations or movements).

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Many newspapers created the impression that Nazi-sympathizers and white supremacists are taking over the nation–while progressive anarchist groups actually out number them by hundreds of thousands. Others painted the cultural battle as Left versus Right.

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