Kavanaugh Conundrum: I See a Satanic Signature

Stunning political theater is taking place in the United States this week.

Eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused by a secular progressive professor of drunken traumatization at a party when she was 15 and he was 17.

The proposed #MeToo moment took place 37 years ago.

Judge Kavanaugh will speak to the allegations this week–and I hope his accuser will be forced to do the same. In this column, I will try to be fair in my analysis of this constitutional moment.

I will also give you a viewpoint that is rare in today’s news–a total view of the debacle, both seen and unseen.

I see a Satanic signature.

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With Liberty and Justice–in Free Fall

In the same manner that faith-based music often ends with a major chord showing completeness and hope in Christ, the Pledge of Allegiance, based on the 5,000 year leap of civil polity found in the United Sates of America, concludes on this triumphant note:

“With liberty and justice for all.”

History had never seen such a government designed for righteous and egalitarian purposes. Despots and strong men ruled the world for millennia. The U.S. shattered that status quo in 1776 and has since led the world in pursuit of freedom and justice.

Not anymore.

The two pillars of a free society to which our children pledge their loyalty are teetering. Liberty and justice are in free fall.

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An American Prophet Speaks to the Church of the Mid-Terms

I fondly remember two young prophets (with a small “p”) during the Jesus Revolution days that impacted masses of young people:

Keith Green and Mario Murillo.

Keith worked closely with YWAM  during the early 1980s and his wife Melody carried on through Last Days Ministries. A generation was impacted and mobilized through their efforts.

Keith went to heaven in a small place crash in 1982.

Mario Murillo was the other prophetic evangelist whose words still touch many hearts today. He recently gave a probing word on the  upcoming mid-term elections in the United States.

Here is an American prophet’s words to the Church of the Mid-terms.

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