Why I Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day

On January 16, I joined millions of Americans in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

During the day, I also saw articles and listened to commentary by some folks who questioned Dr. King’s fitness to have a national holiday named for him.

I understood their concerns, but disagreed with their conclusion. 

Here’s why I celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

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Memorial Day 2021: The Bravest Boehme

My mom and I visited Sunset Lane today–our hometown cemetery–to honor loved ones on Memorial Day. The scenic property overlooking Sinclair Inlet was bedecked with American flags while hundreds stood for a military ceremony then visited nearby gravesites.

We walked the grounds and placed beautiful rhododendron from mom’s yard by the tombstones of our loved ones. We prayed, thanked God for their lives, their love of God and family, and their devotion to our country.

May coming generations continue to remember them.

Every Memorial Day I love to honor my “Uncle Dick” Boehme who gave his life for our freedom.

He is the Bravest Boehme.

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Character and Greatness

We live in a time when character is in decline and greatness remains rare or wrongly defined.

Many of the “great” people of our time are famous simply because of their entertainment wealth or following. They live sad, debauched and immoral lives but are put on pedestals by those who adore them.

Not so George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Their lives truly helped change the world for good.

Some thoughts on character and greatness.

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