Providence and President Trump

Twelve hours after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania, I anxiously sat down for my morning devotions. Most days I check my “Life Calendar” to see what happened on this particular date in past years. (My “Life Calendar” can be found on pages 697-714 of One Small Life.)

On July 14, 1973, I recorded my belief in a vital truth:

“God is sovereign in history.” 

America learned that same lesson–again–on July 13, 2024.

Here are my thoughts on God’s Providence and attempted assassination of Donald Trump.

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Our National Day of Prayer – May 2, 2024

With organized anti-Semitic protests erupting on college campuses and war in the Middle East and Ukraine, we must fervently pray for a heaven-sent revival.

Thursday, May 2, is America’s National Day of Prayer. Important gatherings will take place in Washington, D.,C. and in thousands of cities and towns. 

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What To Think and How to Pray for Donald Trump

Trying to become the second U.S. president in history (after Grover Cleveland) to serve two non-consecutive terms, Donald Trump is on his way to the Republican nomination after resounding victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Grover Cleveland, also a New Yorker, served as president 1885-1889, and again from 1893-1897.

Trump is possibly the most known personality in the world and maybe the most controversial.

What should we think about Donald J. Trump and how should we pray for him?

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