One Area The USA Shouldn’t Be Exceptional

As a student and teacher of United States history, I’m thrilled at how God took a “hidden continent” (The New World) three hundred years ago and created a nation/civilization never seen before in history. We call that miracle “American Exceptionalism.”

Our biblical faith, melting pot unity, political institutions, social fraternities, political freedoms, and unparalleled blessings have made the United States of America a model for other nations to follow.

But recently something has happened to our populace and civics that is very concerning.

Here’s one area of U.S. culture that shouldn’t be exceptional.

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See What God is Doing and Join In

I recently attended a local pastors meeting to share a burden on my heart. I wanted the leaders to be inspired by God’s current work in our nation/world and get involved.

I specifically encouraged them to promote the Baptism Revival in our area. A “Summer of Baptisms” is exploding throughout the USA in answer to prayer. So far, the largest expression (possibly in history) took place a month ago in Southern California when 14,000 people gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in the ocean.

The water’s too cold in the Northwest for that, but I told the pastors that lakes, pools, and hot tubs would work fine.

I wanted them to experience the current move of God’s Spirit.

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With Deception and Injustice for All

May 30, 2024 was a sad day in American history. Regardless of your view of former president Donald Trump, he experienced a travesty of justice by being convicted of a felony in New York on petty financial charges. George Soros funded DA Alvin Bragg, Biden-donor Judge Juan Merchan, and twelve jurors did a great disservice to our nation.

I believe this banana republic form of “lawfare” against political enemies—encouraged by the White House—has become a cancer in our nation.

Without revival in the land, we have entered a time of great deception and injustice for all.

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