The Reasons for Covid

I saw a provocative (and humorous) cartoon some months back on how Covid 19 came into being.

In the cartoon, Barack Obama is speaking on the phone to President Xi Jinping of China. Just as he had quietly stated to the former president of Russia, Dimitry Medvedev, in his famous “Tell Vlad” exchange, Obama whispers over the phone to the Chinese dictator: 

Impeachment has failed to remove Trump from office. Release the virus.”

Good joke or too close for comfort?

Here are some reasons for the Covid plague and how it is changing our world.

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Fifty Years of Journaling with God

A wise New Zealander named Blythe Harper told me when I was nineteen that one of the smartest habits I could practice in life was to keep a spiritual journal.

I started practicing his advice on October 30, 1972. I have been doing it ever since.

Right now, I am looking down at the yellowed first page of that record when my handwriting was still young and vibrant, and thoughts flowed like water. I’m sure glad I heeded his advice.

That fifty-year legacy is now on-line for others to enjoy. It’s called “Ron Journal” and you can  click on it here or scroll to the bottom of the website page.

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The Meaning of Donald Trump–from a Biblical Perspective

As I readied this article for publication, the news hit that Rush Limbaugh died today at the age of seventy. His wife Katharine made the announcement at the beginning of his three-hour program which contains the largest radio audience in history.

I’m thankful for Rush Limbaugh’s thirty-two years of truth-telling about many aspects of American life. He was brilliant in his political analysis, courageous against the forces arrayed against him, and passionate in his love for America and its people.

His battle with lung cancer deepened his faith. In the past few months, he talked openly about his closeness to God and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. His millions of followers prayed for him and certainly benefited from that testimony.

Rush will be missed–but we must carry on the fight for truth. Here is my latest contribution.

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