The Constant of Change


Most of us shy away from this word because we don’t like the uncertainty of upsetting the status quo.

I’ve been thinking much about change recently, not out of choice but necessity.  By the time September rolls around, I will have spent the past six months involved in five different moves.

Unsettling. Lots of work. Many memories. Even a few tears.

Yet, recently, I’ve enjoyed great peace in my life by admitting the obvious.

Change is a constant of life on this earth.

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The Permanent Victory of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Easter time remains one of the most memorable weeks of year for me. When I was young, I enjoyed attending sun-rise services where we awakened the dawn with shouts of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today!”

In 1974, I was privileged to spend Easter in the Holy Land where an early dawn prayer time at Golgotha and a visit to the Empty Tomb stand out as cherished memories.

Twenty years later, I participated in mid-week prayer meetings in our hometown–every day of the week–leading up to Resurrection Day. Good Friday always included a “Walk with the Cross” through town, praying for our friends and neighbors and thanking God for His greatest of gifts. This Good Friday we will walk the cross again for the 25th year in a row.

Easter is special, world-changing, cosmos altering.

It celebrates the permanent victory of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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Why is Christmas the World’s Most Celebrated Holiday? Part 2

In less than a week, the world will hold its largest holiday celebration in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. A recent estimate shows that fully 89% of the world’s population and geography–the largest percentage ever--will “do Christmas” this year despite the howls and protests of radical atheists and “nones.”

Last week we looked at five reasons why Christmas is supreme. Let’s conclude with four further reasons (some taken from my new book) as to why Jesus gets and deserves the global place of honor.

There is no one like Jesus.

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