Successful Marriages–Our Greatest Social Need

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in life including in my marriage.  Sin and failure are a part of being human (unfortunately).

But I’ve also made some good choices that brought the blessing of God. One was taking Shirley Jean Cookson as my wife on October 10, 1976.

One of our sons is getting married this week on the same day–forty-five years later. We’re happy to share the date (we were married on my Grandma Boehme’s birthday.)

Marriage is the bedrock of a thriving nation. Nothing creates greater social stability and happiness than great marriages.

What are the secrets to a successful marriage?

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Government Schools Were A Bad Idea

There is much unrest in Cuba this week and I encourage you to pray for this important island nation just ninety miles off the coast of Florida. 

I have never been to Cuba, but have friends who have ministered there. Cuba is a sobering example of what the U.S. could become if we do not resist tyranny in our own nation.

The Cuban government-run schools indoctrinate youth in Marxism/socialism/communism. The same thing is now happening in America via our state-run schools.

Government schools were a bad idea.

Here’s why.

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The Priority of Discipleship–for a Lifetime

The world in general and the people of God specifically have learned much from the global pandemic over the past year.

Though the United States is emerging from the crisis through mass vaccinations (thank you President Trump for Operation Warp Speed), many nations remain in crisis. In Mongolia, the failure of the Russian and Chinese vaccines has led to new lockdowns and Soviet-like controls on the people. There are many deep-seated problems in numerous nations.

What has the Church learned from this “pause” in world history? Yes, God has pruned us, re-prioritized our focus, released new technologies and emphases, and taught us to persevere.

But the biggest lesson is the call to discipleship. It must be our clarion priority–for a lifetime. Here’s how.

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