What the “D” Now Stands for Behind a Candidate’s Name

Though this is a mundane political year around the United States, October is still a month to focus on candidates and issues for upcoming November elections.

Our local ballot is small but filled with names that have an “R” or a “D” behind them.

The “D” once stood for a Democratic Party which championed democracy, the working class, and personal responsibility (remember JFK).

Not in 2021. Here’s what the “D” now stands for behind a candidate’s name.

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Satan, Soros, September 26 and the Debate

Twenty-nine million people listened to the first 2020 presidential debate last night. 

Donald Trump interrupted his opponent too often. Joe Biden looked canned and plastic. And Chris Wallace appeared lost and bewildered, and sometimes acted like a third contestant on Mr. Biden’s side.

My thoughts on last night and, more importantly, the bigger picture behind the scenes.

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E Unum Pluribus and the Politics of Destruction

I wonder how many people will note the Latin phrase in the title is backwards.

Some won’t see it because we don’t speak Latin anymore and others because we rarely use this American motto on our Great Seal any longer.

The mass shootings this week in El Paso and Dayton were horrific crimes by two individuals bent on evil. But the response to them was so divisive that it led me to ponder our inverted motto.

The politics of destruction are reaching a zenith in America.

A house divided cannot stand.

E Unum Pluribus and the Politics of Destruction

This summer I’m reading a 143-year old book called A Centennial Edition of the History of the United States: From the Discovery of America to the End of the First Hundred Years of American Independence by Benson Lossing.

It gives an uplifting and different perspective (from our current social justice bias) on our American heritage as seen through the prism of 1876.

Its view is true history–from those who experienced it.

The book describes the native tribes (Aboriginals) on the American continent prior to colonization–the majority of whom treated their woman like slaves while the men spent time hunting and warring against each other. Some tribes acted more peaceful than others. But overall, “noble savages” didn’t exist.

Just savages.

The most recent Indian tribes had inherited their land from very advanced races of earlier civilizations who died off probably due to disease and human sacrifice.

The Old World in America was not a pretty world.

When global navigation brought Europeans to these shores, they comprised a mixed bag of gold/wealth seekers (primarily the Spanish and French) and peaceful religious settlers like the Dutch (New York) Pilgrims (new England) and the Quakers (Pennsylvania)–most of whom got along with the Indians.

It was the “bad” (greedy) settlers that made life difficult in early America–on both their European cousins and the Indians.

Over time, people of faith ascended to prominence–from Massachusetts to Georgia–(including converted natives), and forged a new American identity based on faith, hard work, and biblical ideas of civil polity. Their national character was strengthened through spiritual awakenings, provided the spark for the Revolutionary War, and gave birth in 1776 to the most godly, moral, and free nation in history.

These early Americans created a oneness of heart and mind rarely found in sociological history. Fifteen hundred years earlier the Romans had achieved the same homogeneity through force and control. Ditto the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Americans accomplished it with faith and character.

Lossing celebrates the “miracle” of “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of Many, One”) that made the USA a special nation.  E Pluribus Unum remains the national motto on our Great Seal –and one we’ve been proud to champion for over 200 years.

It’s quite an achievement.

Yet, in the 21st century, that miracle is being turned on its head into “E Unum Pluribus” (Out of One, Many). A movement to divide America has been building for some time, but it reared its ugly head this week in the aftermath of the mass shootings. We saw “identity politics” at its worst.

That spirit will destroy us if we don’t deal with it.

Jesus Christ, who possesses all authority in heaven and on earth, stated plainly:

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand” (Matthew 12:25).

Right now (I’m going to be blunt and precise) various social organizations are determined to divide and conquer the United States. This list is not exhaustive but highlights some of the main actors.


Most news accounts these days come from a secular standpoint which leave out the invisible spiritual world. In Lossing’s history (written from a biblical point of view), God’s sovereignty and Providence were reported along with evil during America’s formative years.

This week demonic voices inspired the mass shootings–but no one stated so. Why? You can’t understand politics or history without “looking behind the curtain.” Satan’s demons motivate human beings to hate, kill, and destroy each other (Ephesians 6:12). That’s the simple truth and most logical explanation of evil. Demons don’t function as causes of sin, but they act as invisible influences in disturbed people’s minds.

Progressives or Leftists

The battle for America consists of a worldview confrontation between biblical faith (our heritage and source of unity) and secular-atheist ideology which wants to destroy that history and change our future. Numerous politicians use the propaganda of identity politics–gender, color, race, community, grievance, issue, etc. to divide people and rip America away from its biblical moorings.

The Democratic Party’s primary strategy is to divide America into various grievance groups designed to create chaos in the nation. You heard different politicians this week shouting “racism,” and “white supremacy,” while carving the nation up from “One Nation under God” into multiple mobs that are mad as hell.

Presidential Candidates

If you’ve watched the two debates, it’s increasingly obvious that all twenty-plus candidates vying to run against President Trump  in 2020 stand for the politics of division. They never talk about or to Americans as a whole. They’re always championing races, sexual preferences, minority rights, progressive issues, illegals, criminals, and even other nations. Charges of “racism” now mean that we are wrong, they are right, and we will be forced to comply with their political directives.

Few of them mention faith–because that’s the one thing the mob factions want to destroy. “Divide and conquer” should be the official slogan of our current crop of presidential aspirants.

Mainstream Media

Other than the demonic world, the biggest megaphones for disunity come from the secular media (print, TV, and Internet). Many of them no longer seek truth, report the news, or give equal time. Rather, they pride themselves being cheerleaders of our nation’s demise by siding with the grievance groups against faith-based America.

A case in point. This week the New York Times initially gave an honest and unifying headline to President Trump’s speech after the mass shootings, “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” Hours later they buckled to progressive protests and changed the headline to read “Assailing Hate But Not Guns”–dividing America once again over the 2nd Amendment.

Professors & Universities

The first universities in the world (Paris and London) and in the United States (Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton) lived up to the university concept of promoting “wholeness” or unity among academic disciplines. Today, many universities do the exact opposite by championing diversity, gender confusion, safe spaces, little free speech and anti-American everything.

Business Moguls

Much of the division in America is strategically funded by progressive billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer–with every donation designed to empower various groups to bring down America’s “house” and replace it with a socialist tyranny. Big money fuels the chaos aimed at destroying us.

To sum up, our national motto–Out of Many, One–is being turned on its head in the 21st century. The forces mentioned are intent on making it Out of One, Many for the purpose of national suicide.

Pray passionately against this demonically-inspired conspiracy. If you are a citizen, reject the divisive hyphenated labels of where you or your family came from. Tell your political representatives to jettison identity politics. Minimize petty issues and maximize sharing your faith with great clarity and persuasion–through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May God use us to rebirth “One Nation under God”–our other national motto.

After all, we are Americans.