What the “D” Now Stands for Behind a Candidate’s Name

Though this is a mundane political year around the United States, October is still a month to focus on candidates and issues for upcoming November elections.

Our local ballot is small but filled with names that have an “R” or a “D” behind them.

The “D” once stood for a Democratic Party which championed democracy, the working class, and personal responsibility (remember JFK).

Not in 2021. Here’s what the “D” now stands for behind a candidate’s name.

What the “D” Now Stands for Behind a Candidate’s Name

Sometimes it’s difficult to share the truth. You can be accused of being narrow, partisan, or just insanely out of touch.

But sometimes it’s necessary to open people’s eyes or even save a nation from the evil of delusion.

The United States is in trouble–both with God (turning away from his principles) and a resulting cultural civil war. Whereas an “In God We Trust” biblical culture used to hold our national fabric together (the Ten Commandments for example), we are now being ripped apart by an alien ideology.

If we go “down,” we will bring much of the world with us because we remain the last best hope for liberty on Planet Earth. 

Historically, I have respect for the Democratic Party. It includes the genius of Thomas Jefferson, the courage of Andrew Jackson, the resolve of FDR, the guts of Harry Truman, and the vision to put people on the moon of John F. Kennedy.

For most of its life as the nation’s oldest political entity, Democrats championed individual liberty, majority rule, the working class, and equal justice under law.

The “D” behind a name could have stood for “democratic, decent, and dependable.”

No more. 

Unless the citizens of our nation wake up to what the “D” has come to mean in the 21st century, there may not be a United States of America in the 22nd.

With a scarcity of exceptions (Joe Manchin?), the “D” in Democrat now stands unashamedly and unabashedly for divide and destroy.

Here are the painful facts.

The Democratic Party appears to be doing everything in its power to alienate and divide our once great, though never perfect “United States.” Division is not just a consequence of their favored policies. It seems to be a conscious strategy at the heart of everything they do.

Whereas the Dems once enjoyed and promoted our Judeo-Christian heritage–the glue that formed the fabric of being an “American”–they now espouse a secular view of life that celebrates baby-killing (abortion on demand) and boos the mention of God at national conventions.

Humanism reigns as their god and government as the means of promoting it.

The “polarization” now often talked about in politics is nothing less than the secular progressive worldview carving the nation in half. Blue States want to be “godless” in every way and leave every vestige of our spiritual and cultural heritage behind. 

This strategy of division starts on a worldview (religious) level. It then multiplies like a cancer into numerous areas of life. Case in point. The Dems have “not let a good crisis go to waste” by using the Covid pandemic to divide the populace over business lockdowns, mandatory use of masks, and now forced vaccinations to keep your job. 

But its number one weapon remains calling everything “racist” that gets in its way–actually encouraging nation-wide riots after the George Floyd murder and tacitly supporting Antifa and looting in many of the major cities of the nation. Now they support Critical Race Theory in the schools to pit innocent young white “oppressors” against other minority students. 

Fortunately, parents are fighting back to stop the brazen attack on their kids.

While division stands out as the first step in the Democratic Party agenda, “divide and conquer” remains the ultimate goal.

And conquering means destruction.

Dennis Prager has pointed out that the Left (secular progressives running the Democratic Party) always destroys everything it touches. It exists to torch the traditional order and replace it with some form of totalitarianism (socialism, Marxism, communism).

The goal is to destroy.

Here’s a quick glance at areas of American society the D’s are bent on “changing” (i.e. destroying):

  • They have decimated the family through easy divorce, encouraging sexual immorality in various forms, and even denying the roles and genders of men and women.
  • They are destroying the cities through tolerating minority-on-minority murder (Chicago) and defunding the police. 
  • They have destroyed the schools through social experimentation, not teaching American history, and covering up young girls being raped in gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • They have destroyed the public universities through Marxist indoctrination, Critical Race bigotry, and safe spaces for micro-aggressions.
  • They are destroying supply chains and businesses through unnecessary regulations and Covid mandates.
  • They are destroying citizenship through lax voting laws and border enforcement.
  • They are wreaking havoc in the energy sector by stifling fossil fuel production, raising gas prices, and muzzling the economy via the Green New Deal. 
  • They are destroying the economy through inflation–trillions of dollars in spending–and encouraging people not to work.
  • They are castrating the military through foolish surrenders (Afghanistan) and chasing Climate Change and white supremacy as our most serious threats.
  • They are destroying freedom and justice through Cancel Culture, a compliant media, and allowing Big Tech to stifle free speech.

If you don’t see what the Democratic Party is doing to America, you are either ignorant or deceived.

It’s happening before our very eyes in many cities and towns in America.

Take the following test from bill0reilly.com to show that Democratic policies are dividing and destroying America. What are your answers to the following common sense questions?


  1. To allow millions of foreign nationals to enter the USA unsupervised?
  2. To abandon Afghanistan completely, leading to human rights abuses by the Taliban?
  3. To shut down the Keystone pipeline just to turn around and ask Saudi Arabia to expand oil sales?
  4. To support CRT teaching in schools that divides children on a skin color basis?
  5. For the federal government to spend so much money that inflation explodes?
  6. To support no bail laws that allow criminals to commit more crimes?
  7. To be one of only seven countries in the world that allow unrestricted abortions?
  8. To oppose voter IDs?
  9. To say that white supremacists are a larger terror threat than the jihadists?
  10. For a president of the United States to accuse his own country of systemic racism?

In a rational world, the obvious answer to all these questions is NO. All these actions are hurtful and divisive to the United States of America.

But President Biden and the Democratic Party say YES to each position (and many more just as absurd). If you abandon what makes sense, and do just the opposite, what must your motives be?

To divide and destroy.

Here are two final “D” word synonyms:

Demonic and deceptive.

They tell the true story of what’s happening in our nation. We the people have allowed many demonic voices to enter our culture, influence our leaders, and deceive our hearts into believing these actions are good for the nation.

They are not. 

We must move in the opposite spirit to overcome these forces. We must be deeply united through the power of Christ and passionately committed to renewing, not destroying, our civilization.

Yes, “R’s” can be wimps and fail to do the right thing. Some “D’s” may be well meaning though deceived about their policy results. 

But we must UNITE and be REVIVED to rebuild our beloved nation.

It is our moment to “D” cide.


  1. Ron Boehme on October 16, 2021 at 1:55 am

    I said the same thing as your pastor about Republicans and Democrats for thirty years because they both shared a common Judeo-Christian worldview. The differences were small.

    But in the last ten years or so–and especially recently–the Dems have become the party of atheism and almost everything anti-Christ–as I pointed out in the article. That’s simply a fact. People need to understand that if they’re thinking of voting for Democrats.

    I agree totally that Church shares the greatest blame over our societal woes by turning out the “light of conscience” in the public sphere. Judgment must begin with us first.

    And yes–we must always speak the truth “charitably”–but we must speak.


  2. Augus Tinian on October 15, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    So… and I kid you not, a couple of Sundays ago the pastor of the church I was attending that day was preaching about the trauma the church had experienced the past 20 months or so because of Covid-19 and all the other social upheaval of that time frame. He lamented the “fact” that the church had forgotten to be loving and charitable toward each other and divisions had occurred, some resulting in people leaving the church over disagreements about Covid policy, etc. He went on to forcefully state it matters not if you are a Democrat or Republican. We should embrace our fellow church attendees regardless of their political affiliation, you see, for it matters not.

    So there you have it. May I suggest the church has been woefully negligent and even a robust contributor to the rapid decline of our nation?

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