Two Hundred Christian Nations

In July I wrote an article on the growing criticism of  “Christian Nationalism.” Critics say American believers want to move toward or restore a biblical “theocracy” in the USA. It’s one of many lies being circulated by the secular press. What’s wrong with this thinking?

First, it’s not true. We’ve never had a “theocracy” in our nation. Second, the devil must be scared about a coming revival to be ramping up fear. Third, what’s wrong with “Christian nations?”

They always make people happier and more free.

We need 200 of them worldwide.

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The Jewish Mistake in America

While family is visiting this week from California I will turn to Dennis Prager, one of my favorite commentators, to share what I’ve been thinking about Jews in America. 

Prager (Jewish) and Victor Davis Hanson (Christian) are my two go-to columnists. While other commentators might be as smart on culture, political commentary, and social issues, both Prager and Hanson have a 30,000 foot view of the “Big Ideas” that few possess.

Their writings are normally quite profound.

Pager says that American Jews have made a great mistake. I agree.

Here’s what it is.

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Loren Cunningham Shares God’s Dream

Many of you know that Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission, has been diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer. When the disease was discovered last November, the doctors told him he had “weeks, not months, to live.”

Then the YWAM family and others began praying for him, and not only did the pain go away, but God has sustained him for eight months and counting.

Loren has used his “borrowed time” to share with the YWAM family all over the world via ZOOM talks. Many of us feel these messages are loving marching orders from our founding leader.

Last week Loren Cunningham spoke via ZOOM to the leaders of the Americas. He shared with us one of God’s dreams.

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