Some might call it hyperbole that this is the most important election of our lifetime.

But many are saying so–and I agree. 

This will be the twelfth presidential election of my lifetime. For much of America’s history, presidential elections didn’t matter greatly because power was local and federal influence remained quite small (except for expanding the nation from “sea to shining sea”).

Beginning in the mid-twentieth century, the federal government began to grow exponentially, the nation became increasingly secularized, and the possibility of both economic problems (monstrous debt) and world rule (globalization) came menacingly into view.

Because of these and other factors, the November 3 U.S. elections could determine our fate in this generation.

Here’s how.

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A well-known journalist with one of the fastest growing news podcasts in America was recently asked why left-leaning corporations like Comcast and Disney support socialism.

He admitted they knew that tearing down the capitalist system in America would hurt their profits. But they were still committed to doing so.

A viewer asked, “Why would they do that?”

He replied: “I don’t know.”

I think I do.

It’s the insidious fog of deception.

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I’d like to continue the Fourth of July memory this week with some personal thoughts about the United States.

It’s been my privilege to study in-depth many founding documents of our nation and to teach that subject for years. I gleaned my historical understanding from primary sources through many gifted researchers, authors, and communicators from different racial and social backgrounds.

It’s natural for human beings to love and study their family, church, ethnicity, vocational and country heritage–despite the flaws.

Here’s why I love America–and will stand up for her freedom.

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