How I Was Saved From Deceptive News

The barbarian takeover of Afghanistan due to President Biden’s incompetence continues to unfold. Even our State Department is standing in the way of helping Americans and allies flee the country safely. 

I thank God that other groups have helped with the airlift (Samaritan’s Purse, Kenneth Copeland Ministries and The Nazarene Fund–Glenn Beck) by transporting over 9,000 people to safety. But many remain stranded despite the denials by the Biden Administration.

Confusion and deception (caused by false information) can come from many sources.

Here’s how I was saved from deceptive news.

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The Priority of Discipleship–for a Lifetime

The world in general and the people of God specifically have learned much from the global pandemic over the past year.

Though the United States is emerging from the crisis through mass vaccinations (thank you President Trump for Operation Warp Speed), many nations remain in crisis. In Mongolia, the failure of the Russian and Chinese vaccines has led to new lockdowns and Soviet-like controls on the people. There are many deep-seated problems in numerous nations.

What has the Church learned from this “pause” in world history? Yes, God has pruned us, re-prioritized our focus, released new technologies and emphases, and taught us to persevere.

But the biggest lesson is the call to discipleship. It must be our clarion priority–for a lifetime. Here’s how.

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Teach Us to Number Our Hours

In my early thirties I came to love the only psalm in Scripture written by Moses–Psalm 90.

The phrase in that chapter that stood out is verse twelve:

So, teach us to number our days that we may become wise (Psalm 90:12).

It means: Don’t waste time. Use your short stay on earth wisely. Be thoughtful, intentional.

Now, I am asking God to number my hours.

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