Please forgive the slang to make some points about the dizzying times in which we live.

Last week I mentioned the reality of constant change–especially from a personal angle.  This week I’d like to opine about change in the 21st century and ask you to share your thoughts.

Some amazing things are happening in our lifetime.

Who woulda thought?

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The stark contrast and worldview difference between the recent March for Life and the Women’s Marches could not be more glaring.

One march peacefully encouraged the stoppage of the world’s single greatest holocaust–the slaughter of 60 million innocent children in America since 1973. The other profanely applauded the barbarism of baby-killing and while displaying signs depicting a litany of progressive causes.

Women stood at the center of both marches–and are rising in power in America society.

Do American woman hold the key to our nation’s future?

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I give no credit to sexual predator and  former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for igniting a sexual reformation this year.

Yet, it appears God is using the revelation of his sins to begin a purifying process in Hollywood and the American nation that stands two generations overdue.

It needs to go much further–and include you and me.

Here’s the meaning of the Harvey Weinstein sexual reformation and why I don’t want you to miss it.

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