One Area The USA Shouldn’t Be Exceptional

As a student and teacher of United States history, I’m thrilled at how God took a “hidden continent” (The New World) three hundred years ago and created a nation/civilization never seen before in history. We call that miracle “American Exceptionalism.”

Our biblical faith, melting pot unity, political institutions, social fraternities, political freedoms, and unparalleled blessings have made the United States of America a model for other nations to follow.

But recently something has happened to our populace and civics that is very concerning.

Here’s one area of U.S. culture that shouldn’t be exceptional.

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Happy Thanksgiving–Remembering Plymouth Rock & the Pilgrims

I wrote about the Pilgrims recently while disagreeing with Bill O’Reilly about their faith. By all accounts from numerous original sources, those who landed in Plymouth in November of 1620 were some of the finest “Americans” these shores have ever welcomed.

I reprint today a very special visit I took to Plymouth Rock thirty-five years ago. This Thanksgiving we should thank our brave Pilgrim forefathers for their vision, wisdom and sacrifice that led to the making of the United States.

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An Average Joe Committed to Jesus

On September 1, 2023, just seven miles from our home, Coach Joe Kennedy of the Bremerton Knights knelt silently on the fifty yard line and prayed for ten seconds after a football game.

He had been prevented from doing so for eight long years as he fought for the right to pray in public in our once faith-based nation.

I admire Coach Kennedy, though I’ve never met him. We need more people like him.

We need more average Joe’s who are committed to Jesus.

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