One Area The USA Shouldn’t Be Exceptional

As a student and teacher of United States history, I’m thrilled at how God took a “hidden continent” (The New World) three hundred years ago and created a nation/civilization never seen before in history. We call that miracle “American Exceptionalism.”

Our biblical faith, melting pot unity, political institutions, social fraternities, political freedoms, and unparalleled blessings have made the United States of America a model for other nations to follow.

But recently something has happened to our populace and civics that is very concerning.

Here’s one area of U.S. culture that shouldn’t be exceptional.

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Destroying the Foundations: The Deception of “Saving Democracy”

Let’s finish a trilogy I started a few weeks ago on “Destroying the Foundations.”

Evil, satanic-inspired, destruction is currently being unleashed in the USA and other parts of the globe. Biblical foundations of faith, family, sex, gender, and law & order are being trampled in our nation with alarming social consequences–a potential collapse of Judeo-Christian civilization and all its blessings.

The methods being used in various cities and states are common to all “coups.” We’ve previously talked  about growing censorship and tyranny. The Devil hates true freedom. Yet, much of the damage is being done under the guise of “saving democracy.”

This phrase is nonsense loaded with deception. 

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The Killing Party

Most members of my family were proud Democrats for generations. They revered FDR, thought the Democratic Party cared more for working people, and stood out as the party of “compassion.

Then the party left us. In the 2020’s, the Dems have radically changed into the party of Big Business, Leftist policies, runaway inflation, and against the good of the people. 

And in the 2024 elections, the Democrats appear to be are running on one primary issue.

Killing innocent babies (abortion).  

The Democratic Party is now the killing party.

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