Praying for a Paris Pentecost

There is great leadership uncertainty in America due to the attempted assassination of President Trump, the VP pick of J.D. Vance, President Biden not seeking re-election, and the Kamala Harris stepping up.

But this week the global community will focus on the 2024 Paris Olympics which begin Friday, July 26. The great athletes and gold medals will excite us. But the far greater story will be people coming to Jesus because of the Games. 

I want you to pray passionately for a Paris Pentecost.

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Following God Through Tennessee

If you take a road trip vacation this month, you might want to visit Tennessee (though it will be hot). God is on the move there and wants to multiply his work into every county of the nation. 

Legislators in the “Volunteer State” have called for a month of fasting and prayer during July. Here’s the exciting story from Dutch Sheets of “Give Him 15.”

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Our National Day of Prayer – May 2, 2024

With organized anti-Semitic protests erupting on college campuses and war in the Middle East and Ukraine, we must fervently pray for a heaven-sent revival.

Thursday, May 2, is America’s National Day of Prayer. Important gatherings will take place in Washington, D.,C. and in thousands of cities and towns. 

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