Thanksgiving–Our Uniquely American Holy Day

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American “holy day” that arose out of the deep faith of our spiritual ancestors–the Pilgrims–who came to these shores in November of 1620. Other nations celebrate it (like Canada to the north), and Israel enjoyed many holidays that were used to give gratitude to God.

But our American Thanksgiving is different. It came from a community of New Testament believers who not only grasped the importance of thanking God in all things, but experienced a providential act they never forgot.

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The Necessity of Donald Trump

The 2018 mid-terms are behind us with the Republicans gaining seats in the Senate, and the Democrats taking the House with an average mid-term turnover. It will take days or weeks for the “rosters” to be finalized.

I never used to think much about in-between-year voting, but with the America nation  divided as it is between two worldviews–the biblical version and secular utopia–every election either leads toward great danger or points us to renewal.

We are truly engaged in a civil war for a culture. The word “culture” comes from cultus which refers to what we worship or believe.

As the dusts settles, one thing is abundantly clear that some fail to admit or grasp.

The necessity of Donald Trump.

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Being Buried or Being Planted?

On Saturday I will complete one of the hardest stretches of my life both emotionally and physically. I am weary, sore, emotionally drained and have been greatly tested over the past ten weeks.

During the time of Nehemiah, the Israelites, under very harsh and difficult circumstances, rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days. It was a Herculean feat.

We didn’t make the 52 day mark in our project, but with many miracles along the way, we accomplished a big task in 112 days.

And I learned something along the way.

There’s a difference between between buried and being planted.

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