See What God is Doing and Join In

I recently attended a local pastors meeting to share a burden on my heart. I wanted the leaders to be inspired by God’s current work in our nation/world and get involved.

I specifically encouraged them to promote the Baptism Revival in our area. A “Summer of Baptisms” is exploding throughout the USA in answer to prayer. So far, the largest expression (possibly in history) took place a month ago in Southern California when 14,000 people gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in the ocean.

The water’s too cold in the Northwest for that, but I told the pastors that lakes, pools, and hot tubs would work fine.

I wanted them to experience the current move of God’s Spirit.

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Destroying the Foundations: The Deception of “Saving Democracy”

Let’s finish a trilogy I started a few weeks ago on “Destroying the Foundations.”

Evil, satanic-inspired, destruction is currently being unleashed in the USA and other parts of the globe. Biblical foundations of faith, family, sex, gender, and law & order are being trampled in our nation with alarming social consequences–a potential collapse of Judeo-Christian civilization and all its blessings.

The methods being used in various cities and states are common to all “coups.” We’ve previously talked  about growing censorship and tyranny. The Devil hates true freedom. Yet, much of the damage is being done under the guise of “saving democracy.”

This phrase is nonsense loaded with deception. 

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House Speaker Mike Johnson: A Divine Appointment?

I was upset with Rep. Matt Goetz R-FL when he used the new House rules (with the support of seven others) to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Republican infighting ensued causing numerous speaker nominees to be rejected. I felt that could damage a much needed “red wave” in the 2024 elections. I surmised that if the Democrats were “terrible” in their current policies, then the R’s were “stupid.”

I was wrong. The Republicans, by unanimous vote, made Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana the 56th Speaker of the House.

He appears to be a divine appointment.

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