Save the World then Plant Your Vineyard

No, the title doesn’t refer to the coronavirus. I’ll comment on that next week.

This week I’m fascinated that Albert Einstein spent a portion of his life looking for the “secret of the universe.” I will share his own words in a moment.

His quest caused me to ask a similar question:

What are the master keys of life?

As I pondered this question, I remembered Noah. In his amazing journey–written in the Bible some six thousand years ago–lies a nugget of truth that puts these thoughts together.

Noah’s life contained two master keys (or activities). Yours and mine should also.

Save the world then plant your vineyard.

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Understanding Trump and the War Against Globalism

I’m still on college break and up to my eyeballs in projects.

Yet, the world goes on with climate change protests while President Trump spoke on religious freedom at the United Nations (historic) and the Democrats moved to impeach him (ridiculous). Believe it or not, all these items are part of a “game plan” I’ve been studying for some time and about which I’ve done a fair amount of writing.

Recently I saw an article by one of my favorite “thinkers” that shares the same perspective on what is really happening.

I think it’s time to understand Donald Trump’s current role in history (whether he knows it or not) and his war against globalism.

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Doggone It! Animals Are Not Human. Do We Get That?

One of the perks of living six decades plus is watching culture change over time. Words alter meanings due to incremental usage. Cultural norms diverge as fads or emphases come and go.

But the greatest influence that brings cultural change is the change in worldview that a society holds to–coming either suddenly (through revolution) or slowly (by way of “drip-feed” indoctrination).

The Western World faces the latter problem today. Our two thousand year Bible-based civilization (in varying degrees) is being steadily replaced with a man-centered, atheistic or secular view of life.

One interesting exhibit in our culture? How we treat pets as opposed to a generation ago.

But animals are not human. Do we get that? What happens if we don’t? Read More