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The Necessity of Donald Trump

The 2018 mid-terms are behind us with the Republicans gaining seats in the Senate, and the Democrats taking the House with an average mid-term turnover. It will take days or weeks for the “rosters” to be finalized.

I never used to think much about in-between-year voting, but with the America nation  divided as it is between two worldviews–the biblical version and secular utopia–every election either leads toward great danger or points us to renewal.

We are truly engaged in a civil war for a culture. The word “culture” comes from cultus which refers to what we worship or believe.

As the dusts settles, one thing is abundantly clear that some fail to admit or grasp.

The necessity of Donald Trump.

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Unusual Messengers

I’ve always been fascinated with the word “holy,” which is used to describe the utter uniqueness or other-worldliness of God. Holiness means that God is “different,” “pure,” and completely “outside the box” of our finite human imagination.

This view of God reminds me of C.S. Lewis’ description of Aslan, the Jesus figure, in the Chronicles of Narnia where Mr. Beaver reminds Susan:

” Of course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the king, I tell you.”

To put it another way, God is very unusual and often does unusual things.

He even uses unusual messengers.

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Grading Trump’s First Year: Fair and Balanced

As I recently argued, a wide array of political forces despise Donald Trump because he halted the triumph of secular-progressive values in the United States in the 2016 election.

On the eve of his first State of the Union address, here are my grades for the first year of the Trump presidency—fair and balanced.

I welcome your response.

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