My View of the World 2019

The calendar has clicked over to 2019 and many of us are wondering and praying about the coming year.

What is in store for our families and the world in the year of our Lord 2019? What personal assignments does God have for you this year?

As usual, in this first blog of 2019, I will attempt to give you a 30,000 foot view of some of today’s issues and what they mean.

Here’s my view of the world in 2019.

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Why is Christmas our Most Celebrated Holiday? Part 1

For the next three weeks we will be re-publishing some US Renewal Classics that are the most widely-read blogs I’ve ever written.  They all center on Jesus Christ whose life has changed the world like no other.

In thirteen days, three-quarters of the world will celebrate Christmas–the world’s largest holiday. Ninety percent of Americans celebrate Christmas with my home state of Washington being the most “Christmasy” state in the union.

Check out where your state stands here.

Why is Christmas the most celebrated holiday? Because there is no one who has influenced the world more than Jesus of Nazareth.

Christmas is the biggest because there is no one like Jesus.

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Who Woulda Thought?

Please forgive the slang to make some points about the dizzying times in which we live.

Last week I mentioned the reality of constant change–especially from a personal angle.  This week I’d like to opine about change in the 21st century and ask you to share your thoughts.

Some amazing things are happening in our lifetime.

Who woulda thought?

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