Socialism’s Three Aces & Two Jokers

My faith is somewhat restored in the American voter after Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday surge lifted him once again to front-runner status for the Democrat nomination for president. After winning nine states, he leads Bernie Sanders in the delegate count by about sixty delegates (though Joe looks every bit his 77 years of age and appears to be in early stages of dementia).

But Bernie Sanders won four states including nearly one million votes in the big enchilada of California. This despite being an ardent atheist/socialist who hates America, who never really had a real job, became a millionaire through nepotism/capitalism, and whose ideas would crash the American economy and probably lead to a totalitarian government.

How could anybody in their right mind vote for him?

Because socialism has three aces in its deck of cards (but also two jokers).

Socialism’s Three Aces and Two Jokers

I’ve written a few articles this past year on the evils of socialism. I never believed that Marxism/socialism/communism–all fruits of the same atheistic political tree–would become fashionable in the West in my lifetime. After all, this centralized philosophy brutally killed over 100 million people in the 20th century, imprisoned billions behind an Iron/Bamboo Curtain and led to misery everywhere it was tried.

Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation points out how India, Israel and the United Kingdom also dabbled in socialist waters before seeing the light.

Here’s his summary in Three Nations That Tried Socialism and Rejected It:

“As we have seen from our examination of Israel, India, and the United Kingdom, the economic system that works best for the greatest number is not socialism with its central controls, Utopian promises, and OPM (other people’s money), but the free-market system with its emphasis on competition and entrepreneurship. All three countries tried socialism for decades, and all three finally rejected it for the simplest of reasons—it doesn’t work.”

“Socialism is guilty of a fatal conceit: It believes its system can make better decisions for the people than they can for themselves. It is the end-product of a 19th-century prophet whose prophecies (such as the inevitable disappearance of the middle class) have been proven wrong time and again.”

“According to the World Bank, more than 1 billion people have lifted themselves out of poverty in the past 25 years, ‘one of the greatest human achievements of our time.’ Of those billion, approximately 731 million are Chinese, and 168 million Indians.”

“The main driver of this uplift from poverty has been the globalization of the international trading system. China owes most of its success to the trade freedom offered by the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

“The latest edition of Index of Economic Freedom from The Heritage Foundation confirms the global trend toward economic freedom: Economies rated ‘free, or mostly free’ enjoy incomes that are more than five times higher than the incomes of ‘repressed economies’ such as those of North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.”

“Whether we are talking about the actions of an agricultural country of 1.3 billion, or the nation that sparked the industrial revolution, or a small Middle Eastern country populated by some of the smartest people in the world, capitalism tops socialism every time.”

If what Edwards says is true (and I agree), then why are millions of Americans in 2020, especially younger Americans, voting for their own demise?

Because socialism has “three aces” in its deck of cards that make it very attractive.

Ace #1 – Fallen human nature

Socialism appeals enticingly to our fallen nature which tends to put ourselves first and finds it natural to take the easy road over that of self-control and hard work. In our “flesh,” we want as much “free stuff” as we can get–which remains the huge draw of Bernie’s message. Free healthcare. Free college. Free housing. Free everything!

Fallen, non-redeemed human beings want someone else to take care of them–even if they lose their own self-respect and everything they possess. Me-first handouts are the road most desired.

Ace #2 – Unthinking Citizens

One of the greatest Satanic achievements in the past two generations has been abysmal decline of both morals and public education. In much of the Western World, secular activists have successfully removed the Bible and character virtues from the government schools, refused to teach civics and history accurately, and succeeded in loading many universities with Marxist professors.

Today’s youth are voting for socialists in droves because they are ignorant of both reality and history. The children of the Internet–with vast resources of learning available to them–have become the stupidest generation in memory–while mesmerized with self on their hand-held machines.

Samuel Adams promised the American nation three hundred years ago that if “virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people they will never be enslaved. This will be their security.”

Today virtue is out of style and knowledge of right and wrong on the wane. Freedom will expire with it if we don’t start thinking again.

Ace #3 – Deficit Spending

It’s easy to blame the Fall and progressive education for the seduction of socialism. But deficit spending?

Yes–by politicians in both parties and all of us citizens who have let our nation roll up 23 trillion dollars in debt. We gaze blankly at that staggering total, hear Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren talk about adding scores of trillions more–and don’t blink an eye. That “invisible” debt hasn’t hurt us yet (we think), so why not trillions more?

That’s what unthinking and inexperienced people believe.

But it’s a lie–a facade. The debt will catch up to us. And the more of it, the faster and more devastating comes the crash.

Thus, with the aces of human depravity, ignorance, and debt amnesia in his deck of political cards, Bernie Sanders is succeeding at bluffing a portion of the American electorate toward socialism.

Rep. Liz Cheney points out this philosophy will lead to the death of freedom:

“We know that socialism extinguishes freedom, we know that socialism steals power from the people, we know that socialism creates authoritarianism. It has to create authoritarianism, because as [former British Prime Minister] Margaret Thatcher said, socialists cannot let people choose, because if the socialists let people choose, they know the people won’t choose socialism.”

Last week Vice President Mike Pence told the truth about socialism to a cheering crowd at the C-PAC gathering in Washington D.C.:

“Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, in every era in every continent. Freedom works. It was freedom and not socialism that ended slavery, ended two world wars, [and] has made America a beacon of hope.”

Though the socialist movement contains three attractive aces, it also features two jokers that do not enhance its hand–Sanders and Warren. Bernie is angry and Warren is mean-spirited. Both lie about their past, their programs, and remain power-hungry politicians that most American voters are rejecting at the polls in 2020.

But the temperature of Sanders/Warren socialism is rising and has given America a fever. What happens in the future when a young, “attractive” socialist leads this insidious parade?

I hope we don’t find out and here’s what we must do.

We need to re-evangelize the American nation to combat selfish human nature. We must push for school choice in education to elevate good teaching and God’s truth. And we must vote for courageous civic leaders that have the guts to attack the deficit.

We desperately need God back at the center of our national life. Jesus Christ alone possesses the true vaccine for the virus of socialism–revival in His Name and through his power.

Overcoming the Lies

When I began writing River of God: Where Religion Began and Why Grace and Love Will Triumph in 2012, I had no idea the world would soon be awash in lies.

Today, the popular name is “Fake News”–but that’s just a cute way of saying that much of what you hear in the mainstream media is fabricated and can’t be trusted.

Those falsehoods are getting more blaring as we near the 2020 presidential cycle.

Here are some lies we face and how we can overcome them.

Overcoming the Lies

Lying is a part of the Fall and all people do it in varying degrees.

It began with the serpent (the Devil) lying to our first parents about God and the tree of knowledge (Genesis 3:1-5). Adam and Eve believed the falsehood, disobeyed, and plunged the entire human race into moral depravity.

We have never recovered. Only God’s Providence and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ have reduced the ocean of lies sweeping the globe.

Jesus reaffirmed the origin of falsehood:

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

Lying is satanic–and when we tell one, we participate in the darkness.

When I wrote River of God, I sensed some divine help in the structuring of the book. Without prior thought, I began Section One with a chapter on “Lies,” discussed “Religion” as our deep longing for reality, then “Truth” and how we know it, and finished with the “Sources” of knowledge available to us.

In the opening chapter (“Lies”), I shared how my own life was altered by a lie and gave numerous examples of deceit in our world.

On this anniversary of 9-11–when some folks are trying to lie about it again–I want to share five destructive lies (there are many more) being foisted upon us in 2019 and what we need to do about them.

Lie #1 – Fossil fuels harm the planet.

The climate change alarm being spouted by progressive politicians and all 21 Democratic presidential nominees creates fear among children and anxiety among the poorly informed.

Truth be told, the efficient and innovative use of fracking, natural gas, and oil discovery has elevated hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in the past twenty years while much of the scientific community has lied to us about the world getting warmer.

It hasn’t for fifteen years.

Some honest scientists are sharing the truth. Gary Randall reports:

“Rex Fleming, a mathematician with a Ph.D. from Michigan, has over 50 years of experience as a scientist in climate research and has published peer-reviewed papers from 1971 to 2018. He now says that censoring evidence, fiddling with data and silencing skeptics were a part of his life at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Fleming is now admitting that while he worked at NOAA, he attributed global warming to carbon dioxide despite having doubts.”

“He says: ‘Eventually I just read enough to realize it’s a totally wrong direction,’ and now disavows the argument that ‘carbon dioxide from emissions is causing so-called catastrophic climate change on a global scale.'”

In fact, he says climate scientists have literally turned the facts upside down—making their troubled theory little more than science fiction. He says, and other silenced scientists agree, that ‘carbon dioxide levels historically have risen due to warm temperatures rather than the other way around. Past climates have been warm and cold and warm and cold with no changes in carbon dioxide. How can that be a cause when there is no correlation?”

Let’s reject the Green New Deal.

Lie #2 -Socialism is a good form of government.

Two of the major presidential candidates (Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) espouse socialism as does Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others.  They want America to go socialist—quickly.

But socialism always destroys nations (e.g. Cuba and Venezuela) and amounts to a totalitarian power grab that produces death. One hundred million people died at the hands of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao in the 20th century. They were ALL socialists (communism is socialism with a gun).

The devil wants more carnage in the 21st century so he’s peddling the snake-oil of socialism.

Reject it at the ballot box.

Lie #3 – America is a racist nation.

The New York Times’ “1619 Project” is designed re-write American history that America was built on the back of slaves.


Slavery was the world norm for thousands of years–and made its way into the New World as it had in every other place. Most of our founders saw its evil and gave the world a document which stated for the first time (outside the Bible) that “all men are created equal.” Some didn’t practice what they preached due to historical biases.

But 600,000 men died to vanquish it in the Civil War. It took another century to right slavery’s wrongs, but today, the USA is the most racially diverse and free nation on earth. We exist as  “One Nation Under God”–not a racist haven.

Beware trusting the New York Times (and similar propaganda organs).

Lie # 4 – Marriage can be anything you want.

No. Both nature and history tell us that marriage is between a man and a woman for expressing love and the procreation of children. All other forms including “Throuples” (three people) –the latest fad–are perversions and hurt both adults and especially children.

The truth couldn’t be clearer: “This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one” (Genesis 2:24).

We must reject the marriage lie and help rebuild the family unit.

Lie #5 – There are more than two genders.

Only in a depraved mind. Biology, common sense and human history tells us that “God made them male and female” (Genesis 5:2).

Yes, men can share some feminine traits and women masculine ones. That’s just a beautiful part of human variety–meant for the glory of God.

The only “fluidity” in the gender debate is of brain cells (deception). If the gender hoax is being forced upon you at school, you may need to leave it (or stand up for the truth).

Lie #6 – Open borders are compassionate and good.

They aren’t. The goal of this lie is to destroy the United States as a free and sovereign nation which our borders secure. Here’s the applicable analogy. Open borders are no better for our nation than having no windows or doors in our homes (with no police) would be in our neighborhoods.


Lies have always existed in the world due to the devil and fallen human beings.  The difference today is size, i.e. more people (7.7 billion) and global technology which magnifies the lying voices.

What must we do about the growing crescendo of falsehood?

First, let’s pray for global revival–that God’s truth would touch billions of lives. Second, be careful not to vote for any politician who espouses the lies. Third, choose your news sources carefully while avoiding the mainstream media. Fourth, commit to a small group or mentoring relationship where God’s truth can be applied in your life. Finally, and most importantly, spend time in personal prayer each day and saturate your life with God’s Word–our perfect compass for living.

The biggest lie of all is that God doesn’t exist (more on that next week).

He does.


And no matter how dark the world may seem to be, His truth is marching on.