With Deception and Injustice for All

May 30, 2024 was a sad day in American history. Regardless of your view of former president Donald Trump, he experienced a travesty of justice by being convicted of a felony in New York on petty financial charges. George Soros funded DA Alvin Bragg, Biden-donor Judge Juan Merchan, and twelve jurors did a great disservice to our nation.

I believe this banana republic form of “lawfare” against political enemies—encouraged by the White House—has become a cancer in our nation.

Without revival in the land, we have entered a time of great deception and injustice for all.

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Why Are They Destroying America?

It’s amazing how current-day radicals are moving at break-neck speed to destroy the United States of America.

Much of the Church is silent about this cultural disintegration, and the masses too self-absorbed by entertaining themselves in the gutter of social media. 

Who will stand up to the growing waves of national destruction?

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My View of the World 2024

I like to focus the first article of the year on what I see coming in our world. As 2024 begins, I have begun my eighth decade and released my life story in One Small Life: Revival Adventures from My Fifty Year Journal. 

Thus, I’m looking at history from an older man’s vantage point. Yes, our “world view” is influenced by how much time we have left on earth.

Here’s what I see in 2024.

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