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How Do You Measure the Greatness of a Life? In Honor of Ed Sinke (1954-2019)

An eternal reminder flooded my mind this past Sunday morning when I received the news that a good friend and YWAM compatriot, Ed Sinke, had died suddenly in his sleep.

God began posing a question in my mind soon thereafter:

“How do you measure the greatness of a life?”

Ed Sinke’s passing gave me the answer.

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Hate Evil, Do Your Duty and Vote

I just returned from the county courthouse where I spent the morning with forty fellow Americans serving on jury duty.

I have many friends whose faces fall when they receive a jury summons in the mail. A number of them are close to me (and shall remain nameless).

On the other hand, I relish the call to jury duty because it reminds me of the privilege of living in a nation where biblical principles dictate a love of justice that is completely foreign to Muslim governments and totalitarian nations–and most of recorded history.

To me, the duty and responsibility of citizenship in a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is a priceless treasure.

Since this past week saw an outbreak of horrific evil with national elections looming, I think it’s fitting that we admonish each other to hate evil, do our duty and get out and vote.

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Arizona Grudges and the Poison of Bitterness

The state of Arizona sports many aspects of scenic beauty and grandeur. Of special note, the city of Phoenix rises from the desert as a testimony to what resourceful human beings can do when given an opportunity to “take dominion” over the forces of nature.

I’ve greatly enjoyed speaking in many settings in the Grand Canyon State and have a son who manages a business in the capital suburbs.

So what’s up with the Arizona grudges that are poisoning our nation?

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