With Deception and Injustice for All

May 30, 2024 was a sad day in American history. Regardless of your view of former president Donald Trump, he experienced a travesty of justice by being convicted of a felony in New York on petty financial charges. George Soros funded DA Alvin Bragg, Biden-donor Judge Juan Merchan, and twelve jurors did a great disservice to our nation.

I believe this banana republic form of “lawfare” against political enemies—encouraged by the White House—has become a cancer in our nation.

Without revival in the land, we have entered a time of great deception and injustice for all.

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The Killing Party

Most members of my family were proud Democrats for generations. They revered FDR, thought the Democratic Party cared more for working people, and stood out as the party of “compassion.

Then the party left us. In the 2020’s, the Dems have radically changed into the party of Big Business, Leftist policies, runaway inflation, and against the good of the people. 

And in the 2024 elections, the Democrats appear to be are running on one primary issue.

Killing innocent babies (abortion).  

The Democratic Party is now the killing party.

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Leadership Matters

I’ve thought much about leadership because early in my life I realized I was both designed and called to be a leader (whether I wanted to be or not). Leadership is both a God-given ability (“You can’t put in what God has left out,”) and a learned skill (“Leaders are made, not born”).

Four events happened in the past week that incited my thoughts on leadership. They include the Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Putin interview, the Robert Hur Report, the Super Bowl, and the birthday of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

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