Why I Love America

Yesterday was Independence Day in America, the 247th birthday of our country. 

I spent the last twenty-four hours thinking about the USA, praying for our country, visiting the local cemetery to honor those who’ve gone before, and listening to all the fireworks until late last night.

I hope many Americans shared my thoughts on this glorious anniversary of freedom.

Here’s why I love America.

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Teach Us to Number Our Hours

In my early thirties I came to love the only psalm in Scripture written by Moses–Psalm 90.

The phrase in that chapter that stood out is verse twelve:

So, teach us to number our days that we may become wise (Psalm 90:12).

It means: Don’t waste time. Use your short stay on earth wisely. Be thoughtful, intentional.

Now, I am asking God to number my hours.

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Are You Growing Your Cultural Trinity?

A disputed election with great ramifications for America’s future lingers on. Covid still stalks the land though a vaccine is near.

This week a majority Americans said Thanksgiving 2020 was the most stressful holiday of their lives. And Christmas is coming.

Now, more than ever. you need to be enlarging your cultural trinity.

What is the cultural trinity and how do I grow it in my life?

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