A Proverb a Day Keeps Sin Away

This week we celebrate the life and legacy of George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States. I never knew Bush the Elder on a personal level, but met him during the 1980’s. President Bush was an honorable man who served his family and country faithfully.

When I think of him, the character qualities of humility, loyalty and civility come to mind. These and many other traits are marvelously expounded in the Bible’s “Wisdom Book”–Proverbs.

If “imitation is the greatest form of admiration,” then we would do well to follow our former president’s example by re-discovering the moral power of the book of Proverbs.

After all, a proverb a day keeps sin away.

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The Constant of Change


Most of us shy away from this word because we don’t like the uncertainty of upsetting the status quo.

I’ve been thinking much about change recently, not out of choice but necessity.  By the time September rolls around, I will have spent the past six months involved in five different moves.

Unsettling. Lots of work. Many memories. Even a few tears.

Yet, recently, I’ve enjoyed great peace in my life by admitting the obvious.

Change is a constant of life on this earth.

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Being Buried or Being Planted?

On Saturday I will complete one of the hardest stretches of my life both emotionally and physically. I am weary, sore, emotionally drained and have been greatly tested over the past ten weeks.

During the time of Nehemiah, the Israelites, under very harsh and difficult circumstances, rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days. It was a Herculean feat.

We didn’t make the 52 day mark in our project, but with many miracles along the way, we accomplished a big task in 112 days.

And I learned something along the way.

There’s a difference between between buried and being planted.

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