Why I Love America

Yesterday was Independence Day in America, the 247th birthday of our country. 

I spent the last twenty-four hours thinking about the USA, praying for our country, visiting the local cemetery to honor those who’ve gone before, and listening to all the fireworks until late last night.

I hope many Americans shared my thoughts on this glorious anniversary of freedom.

Here’s why I love America.

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Two Mortal Dangers Amid God’s Rays of Hope

For years I shared the message of Jeremiah around the United States and in other nations of the world. 

The prophet spent four decades warning the Hebrew people that four sins were hastening their demise as a nation: 1) Idolatry–putting other things before God, 2) Religious perversion–compromising true worship and practice, 3) Seared Consciences–the blurring of right and wrong, and 4) Human Injustice–hurting people due to the first three.

Judah sinned and fell in 586 B.C.  It didn’t recover as a nation for 2500 years until Israel’s rebirth in 1948. 

America faces some mortal dangers in this generation–amid some rays of hope.

Be forewarned–and incited to pray.

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