Destroying the Foundations: Tyranny (Force)

The Bible is clear that the destroyer in our world is Satan and his demons (John 10:10, Revelation 9:11). His main vehicle for destruction is force, which is human tyranny in many forms.

The most obvious method of destruction is unjust war–such as religiously-tyrannical Iran firing 300 missiles at the sovereign state of Israel last weekend. Thank God that through the prayers of millions, Israeli defense, and the support of other nations, little damage was done.  

It was a grim reminder that evil tyranny is alive and well. And it’s not just afflicting Israel.

A spirit of tyranny (force) is also rising in America to destroy our godly foundations.

Destroying the Foundations: Tyranny (Force)

President Calvin Coolidge prophetically reminded America during the 1920s that our freedoms came from the Bible and would be lost if we ever strayed from it. He said:

The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country.

In my younger years, the biblical foundations of our society were universal. Seventy percent of U.S. citizens attended church services, and even those who didn’t believe in God tolerated the idea that respecting Him and living the Ten Commandments/Golden Rule brought order and good to society.

But in recent generations, those foundations have been under siege by the destroyer and his forces. Today only about 40% of the U.S. population attend church services in any form. Atheism has mushroomed in our culture and many biblical mores have come under siege.

In fact, some pundits have already sounded the death of Western Civilization calling us a post-Christian culture. They are correct, but the “war” is not over yet. None-the-less, the use of increasing force and governmental tyranny are growing in the USA.

We must defeat them through faith and a renewal of freedom.

Here are some areas where tyranny (force) is growing in America.


The Covid 19 pandemic was used by bureaucrats to control people by force–not allowing freedom of thought and choice. You couldn’t have meetings of more than six people. Worship services were canceled. You must get vaccinated if you were a soldier or first responder or lose your job. Masks were mandated. 

If you have the time, please watch this one-hour video: Naomi Wolf Interview with Tucker Carlson.  It reveals the amazing “conversion” of a Jewish feminist due to the tyrannical forces unleashed through Covid 19. 

We must never let it happen again. 

Wokeism (Cancel Culture)

Don’t bother looking up “woke” in the dictionary. It won’t tell you the truth. It means you’re an arrogant secularist who refuses to tolerate other points of view. In fact if you’re Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. you will cancel the accounts of those whose opinions do not confirm to your ideas about sex, gender, climate change etc. Force will be used against you to silence or minimize your voice.

We formerly believed in free speech (a biblical value) in America. Not anymore. Conform to the woke elites or have your ideas labeled as disinformation. This is how Satan silences all dissent.

Weaponization of Government (Lawfare)

Many branches of the U.S. government–especially the Department of Justice, FBI, and intelligence services no longer protect the American public and promote “truth, justice, and the American way.” Crooked county district attorneys wink at crime and coddle criminals. The FBI raids the homes of pro-life leaders with guns blazing. Donald Trump faces a litany of bogus charges to force him out of the presidential race.

We moved from being a government of laws (Lex, Rex) to a government of “kingly” bureaucrats (Rex, Lex). Arbitrary force has replaced good laws to stop the “enemies of the state.” Remember Hitler and Stalin. 

Media Black-out/Bias

Secular media have become tyrants by blacking out news they dislike (e.g. the Hunter Biden laptop story) and only airing the secular progressive point of view. Do you see believers or conservatives on CNN or MSNBC anymore? Never. All you get is a panel of anti-god groupthink. 

Education (Schools and Universities)

Secularists have been indoctrinating our kids for years in the public schools and universities where some Bible Clubs aren’t allowed to meet and conservative speakers are run off campus

Electric Cars

We’re even being forced to drive cars we don’t like and can’t afford. Dick Morris explains:

So far, all of the laws designed to encourage people to buy electric vehicles have been voluntary – incentivizing the purchase of EVs through tax credits and such. Currently, California is about to pass a law banning the sale of gasoline powered cars starting in 2035. With at least a dozen states legally obliged to follow California’s fuel standards, the decision now pending before the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will essentially amount to a national ban on gas powered cars.

Consumers will have no choice.

Automotive News reports that the current average sales price for an electric vehicle is $63,000 – roughly $15,000 more than the average price for all other new cars. We need a new national Pro-choice movement – this one to protect our ability to drive the car we wish.

As the election of 2024 draws near, the issue of automotive choice is going to become bigger and bigger. The high price of electric vehicles, the inconvenience of fueling them, their limited range, and the potential safety problems, have limited EV sales on the American market. Despite tax incentives and green propaganda, EVs only account for 6% of the cars on the road in the US today.

Already, auto makers like Toyota, GM, and Ford have cut back on EV production. Even Tesla reports a slump in sales. But what consumers have rejected, California is now planning to require – that everybody have an EV.

This mandate could become crucial as an issue in the ’24 campaign. History has shown that voters strongly resist efforts to limit their choice of cars…And even as the momentum to electric vehicles has slowed in the marketplace, environmental advocates are switching their focus to hydrogen cars. Electric vehicles are likely to be obsolete even as they are being required.

Sports (Gender Confusion)

Women earned the right to host their own competitive sports teams via Title IX in 1972. But now under the guise of transgenderism, many men-who-claim-to-be-female are beating women in various sports and keeping them from the trophies and medals they deserve. Plus, female athletes are forced to use the same bathrooms and locker rooms with “women” who have genitals. 


The greatest act of tyranny–force–is the abortion movement. Pro-choice is nothing but savage force against an innocent human being–little babies. At least 63 million have been cruelly murdered in the United States in the past seventy years. The Democratic Party is making the celebration of abortion its main campaign issue for 2024.

Abortion is a genocide tyranny of immense proportions worldwide.

Another excellent expose on liberty and tyranny is Tucker’s Carlson Interview with Pastor Doug Wilson. Wilson doesn’t just focus on the actions of a woke elite, but on a building awakening in the Church nationwide.

The Bible teaches: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Corinthians 3:17). America’s early foundations included faith in Jesus, godly character, self government, and widespread freedom.

We must reject tyranny in all its forms and “proclaim liberty throughout the land” louder and clearer than those who would destroy us. 

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