The Truth About Israel, Gaza, and Hamas

It’s amazing that Israel, a nation of only 8,000 square miles and nine million people (same as New Jersey) sits at the center of world attention. There’s only one reasonable explanation:


I visited Israel in 1974 and what I saw was life-changing. The history of the land, walking in the footsteps of Jesus, and sensing that it stood in the center of a global bullseye, made it the most unique place on earth.

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The Jewish Mistake in America

While family is visiting this week from California I will turn to Dennis Prager, one of my favorite commentators, to share what I’ve been thinking about Jews in America. 

Prager (Jewish) and Victor Davis Hanson (Christian) are my two go-to columnists. While other commentators might be as smart on culture, political commentary, and social issues, both Prager and Hanson have a 30,000 foot view of the “Big Ideas” that few possess.

Their writings are normally quite profound.

Pager says that American Jews have made a great mistake. I agree.

Here’s what it is.

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You Can’t Understand Israel Without God

Many are calling the savage Hamas attack in Israel on October 7, 2023 “Israel’s 9-11.”

On that bloody day, over 1300 people were cruelly murdered, thousands maimed, and hundreds taken hostage. It was the greatest single-day slaughter of Jewish people since the Holocaust.

As many have pointed out, it was worse than America’s 9-11 because the percentage of Jews killed was far greater than what America lost twenty-two years ago.

Why did it happen?

You can’t understand Israel without God.

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