Destroying the Foundations: The Deception of “Saving Democracy”

Let’s finish a trilogy I started a few weeks ago on “Destroying the Foundations.”

Evil, satanic-inspired, destruction is currently being unleashed in the USA and other parts of the globe. Biblical foundations of faith, family, sex, gender, and law & order are being trampled in our nation with alarming social consequences–a potential collapse of Judeo-Christian civilization and all its blessings.

The methods being used in various cities and states are common to all “coups.” We’ve previously talked  about growing censorship and tyranny. The Devil hates true freedom. Yet, much of the damage is being done under the guise of “saving democracy.”

This phrase is nonsense loaded with deception. 

It’s all about power.

Destroying the Foundations: “Saving Democracy”

I agree with former Attorney General Bill Barr:

‘The real danger to the country, the real danger to democracy is the progressive agenda…The continuation of the Biden administration is national suicide.”

Fox’s Larry Kudlow asked Barr about the former Biden DOJ official Matthew Colangelo, who is now involved in the case against Donald Trump in New York. Barr lampooned the persecution of Trump as a “stain on the criminal justice process.”

Barr explained:

“This is a case of going after the man, not the crime. There is no crime here,” Barr said. “Hush money is not a crime…They’re trying to interfere in the election.”

Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz agreed: 

There were so many lies!… this judge has committed more reversible errors in the one day I was in the courtroom than I’ve seen in years and years of practicing law. 

This is the deception of saving democracy. 

Gary Randall rightly noted that the First Lady, Jill Biden, is one of the strongest proponents of using “lawfare”–weaponing justice for power-grab ends–to “save our democracy.”

She said  that Democrats “had to fend off more than 50 anti-gay amendments that Republicans tried to force” into a recent bill. She went on to give her slant on how democracies crumble and the roles played by school parents and others.

“History teaches us that democracies don’t disappear overnight. They disappear slowly, subtly, silently – a book ban, a court decision, a ‘don’t say gay’ law. Before World War II, I’m told, Berlin was the center of LGBTQ culture in Europe. One group of people loses their rights … and then another and another until one morning you wake up, and you no longer live in a democracy,” she explained.

Randall then quotes Robert Knight, an American conservative writer and activist, who sees things very differently. Knight notes that “In the name of ‘saving democracy,’ a former presidential aide is now behind bars in a federal prison in Miami.”

He is referring to Trump adviser Peter Navarro who was sentenced to four months in jail for refusing to appear before the House Jan. 6 Select Committee. Navarro executive privilege–always allowed in these cases–until now. The biased committee permitted no pro-Trump witnesses, no pro-Trump committee members, and staged a communist-style kangaroo court in a mockery of justice.

They were  deceptively “saving democracy.”

Robert Knight continued: 

 “Even the manner of Mr. Navarro’s arrest smacks of police state tactics. He was at Reagan National Airport on June 4, 2022, about to board a flight to Nashville to appear on Mike Huckabee’s TV show, when FBI agents handcuffed him and took him into custody.”

Why the extreme manhandling? Because if they had let Navarro go voluntarily to the FBI as he offered to do, it wouldn’t send the message that the politicized FBI wants: Buck our idea of “democracy” at your own peril. 

Gary Randall shares another “saving democracy” lie from the world of education:

So , who decides the meaning of “democracy?” According to various media reports, local school boards and legislation in Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia, New York, and other states have banned or are working to ban books that they consider to include explicit material.

Concerns and efforts to remove books were well underway in 2022 when a majority of those banned dealt with gender and LGBTQ themes. Other themes included sexual content, race, and racism.

Dr. Dave Brat, dean of Liberty University’s School of Business, discussed Mrs. Biden’s remarks on Washington Watch Monday. The irony here, he said, is the “importance of the Judeo-Christian tradition to all the values that liberals used to like.”

“In case [the liberals] missed the memo, the Protestants founded Harvard, Yale, Princeton…The Republic, the Constitution, the rule of law and the Judeo-Christian tradition uniquely came up with the entire human rights apparatus and language of the Modern Period after the Enlightenment. So, the confusion is, what exact rights are we talking about?” Brat wondered.

“The Constitution was set up to protect minority rights, but the rights back then were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The question these days is whose rights get to trump other rights,” he stated.

Brat said the Christians who founded those universities have stepped back, but the Left shows no willingness to include other ideas. “They want to impose their will. They expect Christians to give up their rights. This is the Modern Period.”

Brat argues that if Jill Biden wants to see examples of [bad] behavior, she should consider these and not the school parents who oppose gender narratives being taught to impressionable children who have not expressed confusion.

He predicted, “Things are inverted [and] this election cycle is going to see a huge, probably populist move versus the globalist – not your old standard Republican versus Democrat.”

The Left loves to throw the word “democracy” around, even as they act in profoundly undemocratic and deceptive ways. 

In C.S. Lewis’  Screwtape Proposes a Toast book (published in 1959), a devilish mentor, Screwtape, instructs demons how to use the word “democracy” for confusing, evil purposes.

“Democracy is the word with which you must lead them by the nose. …They should never be allowed to give this word a clear and definable meaning,” Screwtape says. “You are to use the word purely as an incantation; if you like, purely for its selling power. It’s a name they venerate.”

Some do–but not the Founding Fathers. There’s a second deception here. 

America was never a pure democracy though we use some democratic principles of majority rule in elections. The founding generation never trusted democracy because if citizens are ignorant or deceived, it can devolve into mob rule–like the French Revolution that erupted during the their lifetime.

It was a bloodbath because majorities can be wrong.

Terribly wrong.

America was established as a republic, not a democracy. The difference? Republics focus on rule of law more than people. Good laws protect “the folks”–the greatest example being  the U. S. Constitution. Laws (like the Bill of Rights) are hard to change either by a single dictator or a dictatorial populace.

The current Administration/progressive movement wants to destroy the foundations of our republic though censorship (no freedom of speech), tyranny (no protection of God-given rights), and the deception of “saving democracy”–a non-American form of government (no honesty/transparency). 

Why are they doing this? Because censoring other points of view, ruling by force, and deceiving the people is the only way they can retain power.

We must passionately resist the censorship, growing tyranny, and deceptive “save democracy” propaganda.

My long-time friend, Christian Overman shares how we can renew our republic in a powerful 15-minute video called, “Gluing Feathers On a Dead Duck Won’t Help It Fly.”

Please take the time to watch it.

Let’s revive our blessed republic through the power of God’s Truth.

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