Joe Biden and America in Trouble

If there was ever a time for an electorate to repent (be humble, sorrowful, and change their mind) over the choice of a leader, it’s now.

It’s hard to believe that eighty-one million Americans voted for the 46th president of the United States who is in obvious cognitive decline, with no real principles, who used his office to make his family wealthy, and was known to be on the “wrong side” of every major foreign policy decision he advised.

The Afghanistan tragedy proves Joe Biden is possibly the worst Commander-in-Chief ever– (beating out James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson)–in just seven short months.

And Joe Biden and America are in trouble because of it.

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The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Reformation: Don’t Miss It

I give no credit to sexual predator and  former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for igniting a sexual reformation this year.

Yet, it appears God is using the revelation of his sins to begin a purifying process in Hollywood and the American nation that stands two generations overdue.

It needs to go much further–and include you and me.

Here’s the meaning of the Harvey Weinstein sexual reformation and why I don’t want you to miss it.

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