Destroying the Foundations–Censorship

In coming months, outside of seasonal topics and breaking news, I want to share my concerns about the erosion of biblical principles in the Western World.  

We are rapidly losing our Bible-based foundations through an onslaught of evil from the demonic world, an increasingly ignorant populace, and a sleepy, backslidden Church. 

Russ Walton and Verna Hall pointed me to Psalm 11:3 a generation ago:

“If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”

Good question.

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Jesus and the Power Domains

If you’re like me, you might find it difficult at times to stay positive and balanced while gazing at the precipitous decline of Western and American culture around you.

Watching the news is depressing. Evil forces have been unleashed in our world (through human choices) to destroy people and nations from within. It wouldn’t take much for nuclear bombs and cyber attacks to strike from outside.

How do we stay faith full while watching the deterioration around us?

Here’s a helpful perspective on Jesus and the Power Domains.

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Another Prophet Falls

I was planning on writing an article this week on a major moral issue. To expound it from different sources, I copied a television monologue from Tucker Carlson to encourage you to watch because of its brilliance and clarity.

That topic will be postponed for another day. 

Tucker Carlson was released from Fox News on Monday morning, April 24, sending shockwaves through the media world and nation.

Here’s my perspective on the fall of an American prophet.

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