I have never owned or shot a real gun. My forefathers enjoyed fishing, not hunting. Though I have no skin in this game, I’m tired of the untruths being told about guns, safety, compassion, abortion, and school massacres.

So, before another school shooting prompts a hysterical call to confiscate guns in America let’s set the record straight.

Here is the truth about guns in America.

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Those who know me understand my greatest loyalty lies to the ultimate government of the world, the Kingdom of God–of whom Jesus Christ is the supreme ruler.

But while on earth, I’m also a citizen of the United States where I’m committed to voting for civil leaders who will preserve the God-given rights of people–to life, liberty and property (the pursuit of happiness).

I vote for “the public good.”

In this article, I’d like to make a heart-felt appeal to my Democratic friends.

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On Saturday, the “kids” of America are taking to the streets for “The March of our Lives” against gun violence. One would think these events–supposedly 819 different marches all over the world–are being led by young people passionate for their safety.

Think again. The Women’s March Movement, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.org, and a host of other radical organizations committed to diminishing and secularizing America are major players behind the curtain. These groups are even providing propaganda talking points for the youngsters and millions of dollars in backing.

I love young people and have dedicated my life to serving them in youth ministry. But most kids are way too immature to get what’s happening in our culture.

In this march the kids are being bamboozled about gun deaths.

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