When I Was in My Prime

For the past fifty-one years, I have read the book of Job every August as a part of my daily devotional habit. 

Job is one of the unsung heroes of Scripture who wrote one of the oldest books in the Bible. Most scholars believe he lived near the time of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). His honesty is refreshing (you can argue with God!), and his repentance at the end of the story is powerful.

After calamity struck, Job reminisced about being in his “prime.”

I’ve come to believe that the prime of life may not be what you think.

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A Loss of Wisdom Means a Nation of Fools

Nothing is more obvious in the Western World today (to those who paying attention) than the loss of wisdom or common sense.

Killing unborn babies is good. Choose your own sex despite your biology. Don’t prosecute criminals. Open the southern border. America is racist (though it elected Barack Obama twice). Socialism/communism is good. Free speech should be censored. Have sex with whoever you want.

And on and on. 

We are becoming a nation of fools–and better wise up before it’s too late.

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Right now I’m dealing with some situations that require wisdom.

One involves an individual where advice is crucial. Another may impact the future of a 140-year old organization. A third relates to a book project. And the last one is what I will eat for dinner so I can keep losing a few pounds.

Just kidding on the last one.

But maybe not. We desperately need wisdom in every area of life–especially the big ones.

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