We Need Nimitz Faith This Fourth of July

President Biden’s debate disaster (exposing his deteriorating mental state) and some recent Supreme Court decisions have created a “gust” of possible renewal in the American nation. They are answers to prayer, and I will thoroughly discuss their impact in coming articles.

But this week we celebrate the “Glorious Cause” of the birth of the United States of America on July 4, 1776. As during colonial times, we face some formidable obstacles to the renewal/transformation of our declining civilization.

I believe we needs some sparks of courage and hope this Independence Day as we celebrate America.

We need Nimitz faith this Fourth of July.

Here’s what I mean.

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Naturally Sharing Your Faith

If there’s one major reason for the backslidden state of America or the nation in which you live, it’s believers failing to share their faith.

Lack of light (evangelism and discipleship) always leads to increasing darkness (sinful culture and lost souls).

Though I work with a global organization (YWAM) committed to completing the Great Commission and making disciples of all nations, I confess that I oftentimes don’t share my faith naturally with those I see every day.

And regularly God convicts me to share my faith so that others can be saved

Here are some honest thoughts on naturally sharing your faith.

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Zooming Back to the Book of Acts?

I’ve been in some inspiring Zoom meetings recently–which appears to be the new norm. (If you haven’t experienced Zoom, it’s a software program that allows a few people or thousands to “meet on-line” in real time.) 

Last week one gathering involved 300 mission leaders. Another four-hour session brought sixty youth ministry heads together. Then pastors and Christian leaders hooked up in my hometown. 

Finally, we celebrated the National Day of Prayer on May 7 via Internet streaming which united millions of followers of Christ in virtual worship and prayer.

Is it time to re-set the Church by “zooming” back to the Book of Acts?

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