Naturally Sharing Your Faith

If there’s one major reason for the backslidden state of America or the nation in which you live, it’s believers failing to share their faith.

Lack of light (evangelism and discipleship) always leads to increasing darkness (sinful culture and lost souls).

Though I work with a global organization (YWAM) committed to completing the Great Commission and making disciples of all nations, I confess that I oftentimes don’t share my faith naturally with those I see every day.

And regularly God convicts me to share my faith so that others can be saved

Here are some honest thoughts on naturally sharing your faith.

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The Operating System of Sin

Last week I had an experience that reminded me how sin operates.

I didn’t overtly sin against God, but made a major computer mistake that mirrored how evil insidiously deceives us and tries to destroy our lives.

I want to help you never commit my technological blunder and alert you on how easy it is to sin if we’re not paying attention.

As I’ve taught for years, sin is the most expensive thing in the universe.

Here’s how it operates.

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God Uses Flawed People

Like many of you, my wife and I really enjoyed the Jesus Revolution movie which has taken the nation and world by storm the past few months. For us, it brought back many memories.

The same year Lonnie Frisbee showed up on Chuck Smith’s door (1968), God brought me to salvation as the move of God’s Spirit swept across the nation. I wasn’t a hippie, just a lost teenager who was seeking the truth.

My conversion experience during the real Jesus Revolution Days is detailed in chapter three of my upcoming book One Small Life: Revival Adventures from My Fifty Year Journal. It’s currently at the printer and will be out soon.

As I describe in detail in the book, God uses flawed people just like me.

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