Who Will Stop the Murder/Suicide of America?

I believe evil forces are trying to “kill” the faith, morality, freedom, and prosperity of America.

At the same time, millions of Americans willingly or unconsciously contribute to their own cultural suicide through ignorance, apathy, or blindly casting their votes for their oppressors.

Murder/suicide is a strong term. But I believe it fits. And someone needs to do something about it.

Who will stop the murder/suicide of America?

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The New American Axis of Evil

It’s Halloween week and I have a scary reality to share.

In 2002, President George H.W. Bush described Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an axis of evil who pose a “grave and present danger.” He was right, and Iran and North Korea remain on the list. China should be added.

We now face a new axis of evil in America who also pose a “grave and present danger.”

Who are they?  And what can we do about it?

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The Problem of Depravity–and the Coming Election

Watching the actions of various groups in America recently got me thinking about one of the “basics of life.”

While progressives and anarchists looted and burned many cities blaming racism, police, and social injustice, people of faith came to Washington, D.C. (and all over the nation) to repent and self-identify with the sins of the nation.

One worldview blamed out-siders for their problems. The other blamed themselves.

The “blame others” crowd might prevail and elect Joe Biden our next president if you believe today’s polls.


It’s a problem of depravity and the coming election.

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