If I Were the Devil

I’ve never been big on conspiracy theories though the blocking of the JFK assassination papers from the public makes me wonder what’s being hidden. Fortunately, in the the next life, everything will be revealed (Luke 12:3). I’m sure we’ll be shocked about “what really took place” in history.

I do believe in one conspiracy the Bible describes and is caricatured in C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness:

The devil and his demons conspiring to destroy human beings.

During the past one hundred years, if I were the devil, what would I do?

If I Were the Devil

I’m glad I’m not the devil or any of his demons. The Bible describes his gruesome and deserved fate:

And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever (Revelation 20:10).

Five verses later, the Bible affirms that those who were deceived by the demonic world and didn’t accept God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ are also thrown into the lake of fire. 

Nothing worse can be imagined.

Notice that Revelation 20:10 explains the devil’s method of destroying humans–bringing deception to people’s minds. John 13:2 shares the tragic example of Judas who bought the devil’s lie, costing him his life and eternal hope.

In the West today, many people don’t believe there’s an real devil or demonic forces influencing their thoughts. If you’re a non-believer in personal evil forces, you need to watch the movie Nefarious.

It might change your mind.

I believed the Bible when I first read it, then experienced the reality of the demonic world as a teenager and beyond. I’ve become convinced that the spiritual warfare between human beings and the invisible forces of darkness makes the most sense for the presence of evil in the world. It’s supported by the facts “on the ground.”

I’ve always based my faith on evidence. Faith is trust based on facts, seen or unseen.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the devil’s strategy over the past century to take as many deceived human beings to his own fate–to destroy them (John 10:10).

If I were the devil…

I would stir up world wars in the early to mid-20th century to kill millions of people, especially trying to annihilate the Jewish race and followers of Jesus. My high priority would be to destroy the “face of God” in his chosen people and Christ-followers.

After the wars, I would encourage the Builder Generation to be lax and liberal toward their baby boomer sons and daughters, encouraging self indulgence and questioning authority.

I would deceive the boomers with offers of ecstasy via the allure of drugs, sex outside of marriage, and disrespect for previous generations. I would mobilize a war-weary world to abandon the fight against communism in Europe and Asia, plunging half of the globe into totalitarian rule (with their killing fields and human controls).

If I were the devil, I would launch a multi-decade war on the biblical foundations of the United States because we are the leading nation in world evangelization and the liberator and protector of freedom around the world.

I would take control of two power centers in the USA–Hollywood (California), the seat of influence in the nation, and Washington, D.C., the place of power. I would encourage Hollywood to destroy the American family via the propagation of immorality in all forms. I would start with adultery (championed by celebrity stars), and end with transgender confusion forced on the American public with child mutilation, unisex bathrooms, and destroying women’s sports.

I would infiltrate American education with God-denying ideas knowing the “philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next” (Abraham Lincoln). I would take control of the government schools via unions and lie about America history (The 1619 Project), race (CRT), and influence millions of students to be immoral and ignorant. I would clench so tightly the public universities that free speech begins to die and socialism/communism dominates the campuses.

If I were the devil I would war against the establishment of Israel as a sovereign nation, and after losing that fight, ally Middle Eastern totalitarianism (Iran) with secular versions in Russia and China. I wouldn’t let defeat in the “Six Day War” (1967) or other setbacks take my eyes off the goal of Jewish annihilation (with nuclear weapons?). 

In the U.S. Church, I would encourage millennial pastors to not preach with power on repentance and saving faith. I would convince them there is a “separation between church and state” and this means no religion in public life. In the name of not offending “seekers,” I would influence spiritual leaders to not get involved in cultural issues–especially abortion and other “controversial” subjects. That would allow me to kill an additional 70 million people and over one billion worldwide. 

With the “light” of the Church turned out, I would fill the nation with racial tension, defunding police, riots, shop-lifting, and aggravated sin without constraints. I would pour money into local DA races to become soft on crime in the name of equity and compassion. 

With America weakened, and many international agencies assuming places of influence in global issues, I would cruelly spread the Covid virus worldwide killing 7 million people. I would influence governments to shut down businesses and schools, and lay the groundwork for future catastrophes that will bring a cry for global governance and peace.

If I were the devil, I would pervert American elections allowing non-citizens to vote and use ballot harvesting, intimidation, and other questionable tactics to bring atheists to power. I would especially encourage believers not to vote, but to keep separate “the sacred and the secular.”

I would move non-believers into leadership positions in the media creating a black-out of good and honest reporting while providing secular-socialist propaganda for the masses. I would corrupt the media on all levels to join hands with the Deep State to insure the demise of godly candidates and the election of radical atheists (progressives).

I would weaponize the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI against a former president with good policies and use all assets of government to protect a progressive president who is destroying the nation with bad ones. 

I would influence the leaders of both American political parties to run up 32 trillion in debt in forty short years by encouraging the American people to prefer hand-outs over hard work.

I would stir up Russia to make war in Europe, Iran to do the same in the Middle East, and China in Asia. 

If were the devil, defeating the United States from within, and mobilizing the world from without would allow me to destroy as many people as possible in the 21st century–before I was thrown into the lake of fire.

That’s what I’d do if I were the devil.

Before writing this article, I was aware of Paul Harvey’s famous message by the same name. I deliberately chose to not listen to his words before writing this piece. Compare the better prose that he spoke in 1965. It’s worth three minutes of your time.

If I were the devil in 2023, I’d also be scared to death of my looming eternal damnation.

As a saved human being, I’m personally excited about a growing global revival and the return of Jesus.

I want to fight the devil’s schemes and see billions come to Jesus and eternal life.


  1. Sharon Kay Gakin on August 9, 2023 at 8:51 pm

    I’ve been wading through Colson’s How Now Shall We Live, a chapter a night. Tough going because it could have been written yesterday! He’s right on, showing how the mess we’re in started decades ago, nearly a century ago. We’ve read the “rest of the story.” There really is no turning back but our reason for being here couldn’t be clearer. Keep telling the truth.
    I’ve been following the wildfires in Hawaii, measuring cities mentioned as to how far they are from Kona and the U. Praying that people will cry out to God! Have you heard that Chuck Cregier’s son Joey overdosed. He’s gone. His memorial is at Adventure of Faith church, 11 a.m. on Saturday, the 16th. I’ll be there. See you Friday per our appointment. 11 a.m.

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