The Anarchist

I was enjoying my daily Bible reading recently when one little word made a light bulb of thoughts explode in my mind.

This word has been prominent in the media for weeks to describe the looting, burning and defacing of statutes taking place across the United States. It’s been going on in the lawless city of Portland, Oregon for the past forty-five days.

I was expecting another term in my reading–and that’s what surprised me. I anticipated “anti-Christ” which conjures up visions of an evil world dictator or the “opposite” of Jesus Christ. 

Now I’m reminded what the “opposite of Jesus” entails.

The Anarchist.

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What’s God’s Opinion of You?

Since I communicate for a living, I’m always looking for ways to update old words or phrases with new ones that ring clear.

Awhile back I was searching for a better definition of “love.” The older idiom was: “Love is good willing, or willing the highest good of God and others.” That’s not a bad definition. I was just not sure that “good willing” made much sense today.

So I modernized it. “Love is choosing what’s best for God and others from God’s point of view.” That translation seemed to pop. Kids related to doing what is truly best for another person, with the critical part being “from God’s point of view”–not my puny perspective.

Recently I ran across another updated phrase, that prompted an important question:

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