If the Vote Stands We Are a Foolish Nation

We are less than one month away from the certification of the 2020 presidential election. Most people believe that only a miracle can give President Trump a second term.

Yet, mounting evidence exists of systemic voting fraud in America. And historical precedents tell us that no president in history gained a large number seats in the House of Representatives and lost the election (Republicans have won sixteen so far including many women and people of color).

Yet, the odds favor Joe Biden becoming the 46th president of the United States.

If the vote stands, we are a foolish nation.

If the Vote Stands We Are a Foolish Nation

I won’t take time to spell out the numerous possibilities of fraud that litter the 2020 election landscape. If you read reputable sources, you know there are now over eleven thousand instances of vote fraud on record, five hundred people who have signed affidavits saying they saw it take place, and major questions over computer hardware and software used in thirty states. They include Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Computer manipulation through foreign-based programs Dominion (Canada) and Scytl (Spain) appear to be possible culprits in altering the election results.

Still, with the clock ticking, it will take nothing less than a miracle for the truth to come to light.

Continue to watch and pray.

I have been clear that Donald’s Trump’s temperament, lack of statesmanship in office, and other mistakes hurt him this election. But I have been equally blunt that the 2020 campaign was never about personality and temperament.  

We fight a war of diametrically opposed worldviews. The traditional Judeo-Christian worldview made America exceptional and great in freedom, prosperity, and world evangelization for centuries (despite our weaknesses such as slavery/segregation). The secular (atheistic/progressive) worldview wants to tear that heritage down and replace it with socialism (government power), poverty (dependence on the State) and persecution of Christians.

Donald Trump represents the biblical worldview. Joe Biden is the figurehead for secular progressives.

Yet, without knowing the extent of election fraud, Joe Biden received 79 million votes and Donald Trump garnered 73 million. Both are turnout records. How could Joe Biden, with dubious character and policies, gain the trust of scores of millions of people? (Though only 56% voted for him and the rest against Trump.)

It boggles the mind–and directly relates to the subject of wisdom.

I am currently reading Darrow Miller’s excellent book Wisdom: The Way to Human Flourishing. Miller provides a rich study of the book of Proverbs which remains the centerpiece of the wisdom literature in Scripture.

He explains:

“Proverbs teaches is how to govern ourselves as individuals, as communities, and as nations. Governance is the means to flourishing. Proverbs not only identifies flourishing as the goal of life [to the glory of God]; it also prescribes the means to that goal. Flourishing–personal, community, and national development–begins by turning away from the voice of folly and turning toward the voice of wisdom.”

Thus, governing yourself through God’s righteous attitudes and principles makes you wise. Rejecting self-control and going your own way makes you a fool.

For many years I read a proverb a day to grow in wisdom in my life (there are 31 chapters–one for each day of the month).

What is wise living?

Miller explains, “Knowledge relates to facts, the collection of data and information…Understanding has to do with how can I use this knowledge? And wisdom uses knowledge and understanding to develop beauty, truth and goodness.”

I have always defined wisdom as the loving use of knowledge for the glory of God. 

Early Americans agreed (Pilgrims and Puritans included) and built America’s societal foundations on the pursuit of virtue and knowledge (2 Peter 1:5). Though never close to perfection, for centuries the United States of America proclaimed “In God We Trust” and pursued His wisdom in personal virtue, family life, economics, civil polity, world affairs, and fulfilling the Great Commission.

But in 2020, millions of people voted for Joe Biden when all his policies stand in opposition to godly wisdom.

Here’s the reality of a Biden administration (if not mitigated by Congress): 

  • Open borders will erode our national sovereignty, increase crime, and take away jobs from American citizens.
  • The Green New Deal will cripple the fossil fuel industry and eliminate thousands of jobs (fracking?) from many states.
  • The focus on renewable energy (before market viability) will double/triple gas prices and increase electrical costs for all Americans.
  • Higher taxes will cause a recession or depression and create dependency on government handouts.
  • The Equality Act will erode military effectiveness, increase gender confusion, and bring hostility to American Christians (the world’s most persecuted religion).
  • Biden’s links to China will elevate our enemy on the world stage and bring us down to mediocrity.
  • Commitment to climate change will waste billions of dollars and re-distribute wealth to other nations.
  • An explosion of government debt (free college, student loan forgiveness etc.) will bring America to its financial knees.
  • And possibly pave the way for our submission to a secular one-world government.

Plus–millions of people voted for Mr. Biden despite him being a poor student in college, a proven plagiarist, a career-bureaucrat who’s never created one job, who benefited his family financially through nepotism, is 78 years old and in obvious mental decline.

How could anyone vote for such a man and future?

Only those who reject God’s wisdom for living. 

“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” Atheism drives the secular worldview, and it leads individuals and nations away from freedom, strong families, financial prosperity, and blessing others. 

More than two hundred years ago Benjamin Franklin warned us, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have need of more masters.”

It is hard to watch your own nation commit suicide. We need a re-birth of virtue and wisdom in the United States. If we don’t live by “In God We Trust” and invite His light, truth, and integrity into our lives and nation, the darkness of evil will sweep us away.

I watch few movies because I don’t like to waste time. I concluded years ago that for me, every hour I spend in mindless entertainment is an hour I don’t use to serve God and others. I only have one life, and don’t want to waste it. Thus, I don’t often think in movie analogies because I don’t watch many of them.

Today I’ll make an exception.

Years ago, I saw the movie “Independence Day.” Though I don’t believe in Extraterrestial life (except God, angels and demons), one scene provoked my thinking when hordes of foolish and gullible Americans rushed to the roof of a tall building to greet the invading aliens.

They believed they would be welcomed with joy. Instead, they were callously incinerated by a weapon of mass destruction from the alien spaceship.

Foolish choice–predictable result.

That scene reminds me of Biden voters. They have no idea what’s coming.

In the climax to the movie, the American president leads a charge to rid the world of the invaders–and they conquer them through great sacrifice and united effort.

That scene reminds me of Donald Trump.

Today in America we have been invaded by internal forces of our own making and voting. We need a new “Independence Day.” If we don’t root out the American axis of evil and the intentional vote fraud on November 3, we may never experience an honest election again.

 The 2020 vote was not about Donald Trump. It was about you, your family–and future of freedom.

If the vote stands, we are a foolish nation.

Continue to watch and pray.


  1. Gerry on November 19, 2020 at 6:38 pm

    As always Ron, a right-on blog. Thanks for all you do and how you reach out to so many.
    Love and prayers,
    The Buckners

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