Progressing Towards Communism

The word “progressive” now used in American politics sounds positive–like taking wonderful steps towards human virtue and prosperity.

But 21st century progressive politics has divided the USA, destroyed the American family, defunded the police, created an open border, brought sexual and gender confusion, accelerated violence in the cities, and created generational despair.

These consequences, and many others, are anything but progressive–they’re regressive in every way.

We’re only progressing towards communism.

Progressing Towards Communism

The April 4, 2023 indictment of President Trump by New York DA Alvin Bragg was the “crossing of the Rubicon” in American politics. We are now spiraling toward tyranny as a large banana republic that was once admired by the world.

Hopefully, it can be reversed–only God knows–but regression into communism looms on the horizon.

In Victor Davis Hanson’s recent column For the Left, Political Ends Justify Violent Means. he laments our lurch toward dictatorship:

What do Johnny Depp, Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin, George Lopez, Moby, Rosie O’Donnell, Mickey Rourke, and Larry Wilmore all have in common? At one time or another, they alluded to various ways of imagining former President Donald Trump’s violent death. For the radical Left, ideology exempts its political violence. The result for everyone else is an open season and the end of deterrence—and frightening days ahead.

And Dennis Prager in Could It Happen Here?” It’s Happening Here, reminds us that the progressive advance is all about communism:

My field of study in graduate school was communism. As a fellow at the Russian Institute of Columbia’s School of International Affairs, I was one of seven students in the entire university to major in what was known at the time as “Communist Affairs.”

I cite this in order to make this point: In my wildest dreams, I never imagined what I was studying would ever apply to the United States of America, the freest country in world history.

I assumed that communism was, for various reasons, something that happened elsewhere—most obviously, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, and North Korea.

What were those various reasons? One was the absence of freedom in the history of those countries. Another was that all those countries were, with the exception of Cuba, outside of Western civilization.

All these years later, I see that I was wrong. Communism—or if you will, left-wing fascism and totalitarianism—is coming to America and Canada, and (a bit more gradually) to Australia and New Zealand.

Incredibly—or maybe not so incredibly—more than 200 years of unprecedented and unrivaled liberty and commitment to Judeo-Christian values and reason, and all the unparalleled achievements of Western civilization, have come to mean nothing to about half of the American people and to virtually every one of its major institutions.

Our universities have become moral and intellectual wastelands—almost as ideologically pure as Moscow State University was in the Soviet era. As of December 2022, there were seven times more administrators (15,750) at Stanford University than faculty (2,288).

Our medical schools are embracing Soviet-like science. In more and more of them, incoming doctors are instructed not to use the terms “male” and “female.” Harvard Medical School officials use the terms “pregnant and birthing people” rather than “pregnant women.” And children’s hospitals are using hormone blockers (which, among other dangers, can impair future reproductive functioning) and mutilating perfectly healthy teenagers.

Students at elite law schools such as Stanford and Yale behave as if they were members of Komsomol, the Soviet Communist Youth League. On the rare occasions that conservative speakers come to their campuses to give a lecture, students heckle, shout, and curse at them, disrupting their ability to speak in ways reminiscent of the Hitler Youth in 1930s Germany.

The greatest of all freedoms, that of speech, is disappearing. Since Lenin, no left-wing institution or country has ever allowed dissent, and the Left in America—which is elected and defended by liberals—is no exception. Already almost half of all college students say they do not believe in free speech for “hate speech,” which, of course, means they are for suppressing all speech with which the Left differs.

Perhaps even more than in the Soviet Union, lunacy has replaced reason. In Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, the provincial agency in charge of education has announced that the notion that there is only one correct answer in mathematics is an expression of white supremacy. The Oregon Education Department has announced the same thing. The American Medical Association has declared that no American birth certificates should list the sex/gender of a child—the child will decide that later.

Teachers across the country are robbing children as young as five of their innocence. They are routinely taken to drag queen shows where men in women’s clothing dance for them (sometimes lewdly). Why? Because it is the aim of most American schools from first grade to postgraduate to have all American young people believe that sex/gender is “nonbinary”—that alone in the animal kingdom, human beings are not sexually divided into male and female.

In the COVID-19 era, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, and virtually every other national medical and health agency largely abandoned science and even elementary decency (recall all the Americans who were forcibly deprived of any visitors and left to die alone in hospitals) and became tools of the Left.

They and America’s Sovietized teachers’ unions ruined millions of American children by closing schools for nearly two years. In addition to the doomsday hysteria over climate change, the imposed gender confusion and the absence of religion, this has led to the highest rates of adolescent depression and suicide ever recorded in America.

Our Justice Department, about half of our judges, and our security agencies are well on their way to becoming what the Soviet ministry of justice, Soviet security agencies, and Soviet judges were: tools of the ruling party.

Our mainstream media, with few exceptions, are as uncommitted to truth as were the organs of the Soviet Communist Party, Pravda, and Izvestia. [They] play the same role for the Left and therefore the Democratic Party.

It was only a matter of time until the Left would arrest a former president of the opposition party.

The strategy has been simple and Satanically inspired: Put the Church to sleep and keep them out of cultural involvement. Then cause chaos everywhere and come in as heroes to control it.

We are progressing from freedom to tyranny, from a Judeo-Christian worldview to atheism. Progressivism is simply a stepping stone to communism–which is socialism with a gun (force).

In a broader context, we’re “progressing” toward global tyranny and worldwide poverty with the devil trying to destroy as many human beings as possible before the Second Coming of Jesus. His return will end every evil system and individual sin and consummate an eternal kingdom of light and love.  

How should we then live (Ezekiel 33:10)?

We must occupy until he comes (Luke 19:31). We must overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21) while praying and working to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

And never vote again for progressives who almost exclusively inhabit the Democratic Party. Brandon Morse admonishes us:

It’s time to ditch the Democrats. They aren’t the party of welcome and warmth. They’re infested with radicals who do not take “no” for an answer and will punish anyone who defies them. The best thing you can do is help them lose power by no longer standing with them. 

While we pray for revival and keep our eyes upon Jesus.

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