Critical Race Theory and Satan’s Voice

Much is happening in our world this week with the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada, (we need one in every nation), tensions on the Ukrainian border, and the censorship battle over the “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

The global civil war for freedom and souls is heating up–and we must be armed with knowledge and on be fire in prayer.

I also chatted on-line this week with a friend who helped widen my vision of the spiritual war and “voices” we hear. I was reminded about one of the bigger lies of the current worldview war–Critical Race Theory– and how to recognize Satan’s voice in it.

CRT and Recognizing Satan’s Voice

I met Christian Overman in 1974 at a Bavarian castle near Munich where we both attended Youth With A Mission’s second training school in Germany. I was a twenty-year-old single needing to be discipled and find my calling in life. Christian, his wife, Kathy, and their kids stood out as one of the few young families who joined our eight-month School of Evangelism.

After our YWAM training, we both launched out into our life’s work. Only occasionally did we chat or share resources on common areas of interest.

Christian served as a school principal for fourteen years. During this time he wrote an excellent book called  Assumptions that Affect Our Lives, published by Tyndale House in 1989, under the title, Different Windows. Later, he began giving workshops for teachers on how the Christian worldview uniquely informs and guides learning from the earliest years through high school. 

In 2000, he and his wife started Worldview Matters, an educational organization with a primary focus of helping Christian school teachers grasp the uniqueness of the biblical worldview. They created a six-hour workshop called, Think Again!, which Christian taught throughout America as well as Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.  

Christian studied under Chuck Colson and became friends with Os Guinness, English author and apologist–who was an associate of the late Francis Shaeffer. I share his pedigree with you to explain the depth of his knowledge and experience. 

He contacted me last week to share some materials on Critical Race Theory he wanted me to check out. I knew I had time to preview the short presentation (six minutes), but was skeptical of the long one (forty-eight minutes).

I watched the short version and it was impacting. I’m well versed on Critical Race Theory (CRT) but Christian’s presentation opened my eyes. I decided to watch the full forty-eight-minute presentation–and it wowed me. Even the creative graphics were superb.

Here is Os Guinness’ endorsement: 

Thanks. Superbly well done! Informative, imaginative, non-inflammatory, and persuasive. Keep on, and may you not be cancelled!

I hope you watch Christian’s excellent expose on Critical Race Theory. The short version uses a professional voice-over. The long one contains Christian’s own voice and teaching. Both are posted on “Rumble,” the growing Internet site for those being canceled (censored, silenced) by progressive totalitarians such as YouTube and Facebook.

The six minute version is called “Critical Theory: A Thought Virus Pandemic.” I strongly suggest you take time to watch the long version–whose ending gave me the inspiration for this week’s blog. It’s called “Critical Race and Gender Theory: What’s It All About?”

This is what I learned–especially about the “voice” and emphases of Satan.

First, the enemy of our souls has influenced the German race to promote an inordinate amount of evil in the Western World. We must pray for Germany and its righteous role in the 21st century.

I’m half-German–which is the largest nationality in America (forty-nine million people). Positively, Germany gave us Martin Luther and the Reformation–which led to hundreds of millions of people coming to faith in Christ.

Negatively, Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich nearly put the world in chains and murdered eleven million people in Europe. Germany also produced the “Higher Criticism” movement (denying the inspiration of the Bible), the “God is Dead Movement” (Friedrich Nietzsche and others) –both of which I encountered on my university campus in 1971.

Christian Overman points out that Germany also produced the “Frankfurt School of Critical Theory” which is the philosophical foundation for Critical Race Theory. It’s ideas now permeate Western universities and progressive policies.

Here’s the Satanic takeaway.

Satan is critical of God, the Bible, truth, and all godly virtue. When you are around “critical” people (not honest thinkers), you are listening to the voice of the devil. He criticized God in the Garden of Eden and his critical spirit poisons the world to this day.

The critical spirit in CRT does not allow for forgiveness–a primary virtue of the Godhead. CRT proponents stress that white folks hurt black people generations ago. They don’t allow forgiveness of the past in any form (nor an honest look at oppression among all races in history). Instead, they promote reverse racism to deal with the sins of the past.

That’s satanic, not godly.

Richard M. Reinsch II explains how identity politics (racism) deny the possibility of forgiveness:

Identity politics seeks nothing less than to input the invisible economy’s ledger of sin and guilt into the visible economy of profit and loss, debt and credit. But it redesigns the invisible economy by its conception of sin and guilt. There is no original sin, only an original sinner, the heterosexual white male. And there are victims, holy innocents. 

The heterosexual white male’s guilt cannot be atoned, he must endlessly bleed and attempt to show his innocence. Mitchell notes this is the most he can do. On him hangs the sins of colonialism, slavery, racism, sexism, bigotry against sexual minorities, and the rank injustice of the capitalist economy.

These sins committed by the transgressor against the innocent are unforgiveable. And this also means that our inheritance, defined and made by the white heterosexual male, is poison and must be replaced. There are only two terms: sinner and innocent. 

Thus, identity politics replaces the liberal politics of deliberation, compromise, and building institutions with others and proclaims an illiberal politics that supplants our irredeemable inheritance.

The God of the universe is full of grace and forgiveness for repentant people (Ephesians 2:4-9). He does not blame the children for the sins of their fathers (Ezekiel 18). On the other hand, Satan possesses a critical spirit that knows nothing about forgiveness.

There are other subjects that Satan and his demons never demonstrate or express:

  • Repentance – Probably because they are bitter and will never experience its healing powers.
  • Atonement for sin – For example, the Koran never mentions sacrifices for sin and denies that Jesus (Isa al Masih) died to atone for (cover) the sins of all people.
  • Humility – It’s the “atmosphere” of heaven as redeemed souls humble themselves in the presence of God and give Him his rightful place. Satan knows no such submission. 
  •  Faith, Hope, and Love – the Big Three (1 Corinthians 13:13). All these qualities come from God and are produced in those who know and love the Creator. Satan has no faith (trust in God), no hope, and only perverts love–doesn’t live it unconditionally.

I was reminded this week to recognize that the “voice” of Satan is critical, unforgiving, unrepentant, proud, and unloving. We must practice what the Overmans and I learned in our discipleship training years ago–to minister in the opposite spirit. That means being encouraging, forgiving, repentant humble, and most of all, loving.

Those virtues will help us overcome the poison of CRT and silence the satanic voice.

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