Who Will Stop the Murder/Suicide of America?

I believe evil forces are trying to “kill” the faith, morality, freedom, and prosperity of America.

At the same time, millions of Americans willingly or unconsciously contribute to their own cultural suicide through ignorance, apathy, or blindly casting their votes for their oppressors.

Murder/suicide is a strong term. But I believe it fits. And someone needs to do something about it.

Who will stop the murder/suicide of America?

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Two of the Worst Words in Heaven’s Vocabulary

President Trump returns today from his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong un after what appears to be a successful summit. Both shared cordial words about one another after leaving the negotiating table.

I’m sure they uttered more noxious things about one another in private the past few months.

Robert DeNiro unleashed a two-word epithet about our president recently at the Tony Awards. His lack of self control reeked of pride, vulgarity, and immaturity. I can’t put one of his words in print, but the second one was “Trump.”

There are many profane, false, and hurtful words that human beings use in our fallen world. I’m sure none of those destructive sayings exist in heaven. If the unseen realm has a conduct code (based on the love of God and His redemption), then I’m sure a speech code (or norm) exists also.

What might be the two worst words–that bring cringes and groans–in the Heavenly world?

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