The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

Christmas is eleven days from today. It is celebrated by more people around the globe than any other holiday. Why?

Because no greater person ever walked the earth than Jesus Christ.

For the next few weeks I will re-publish three of the most important blogs I have ever done. They’re important because they focus on the one person who’s most crucial to our lives–both here on earth and also after we die. He is “the Way” in both realms. 

There is no one like Jesus.

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Why the Resurrection Matters

I have believed for many years that the most important week in world history is Holy Week–the seven day period when Jesus of Nazareth arrived to fanfare in Jerusalem, died on a Roman cross of torture, and three days later was raised to life.

Of those seven days, Good Friday stands as the centerpiece–the day God substituted the death of His own Son in the place of humanity’s sin to bring forgiveness to all who believe. Good Friday was a day of atonement–a “covering” of our rebellion by the agonizing love of God.

Recently I’ve been thinking more about the Resurrection. It wasn’t the day of redemption. It didn’t have anything to do forgiving our sins.

But the Resurrection matters.


Here’s why.

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How I Was Saved From Deceptive News

The barbarian takeover of Afghanistan due to President Biden’s incompetence continues to unfold. Even our State Department is standing in the way of helping Americans and allies flee the country safely.  I thank God that other groups have helped with the airlift (Samaritan’s Purse, Kenneth Copeland Ministries and The Nazarene Fund–Glenn Beck) by transporting over…

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