The Reasons for Covid

I saw a provocative (and humorous) cartoon some months back on how Covid 19 came into being.

In the cartoon, Barack Obama is speaking on the phone to President Xi Jinping of China. Just as he had quietly stated to the former president of Russia, Dimitry Medvedev, in his famous “Tell Vlad” exchange, Obama whispers over the phone to the Chinese dictator: 

Impeachment has failed to remove Trump from office. Release the virus.”

Good joke or too close for comfort?

Here are some reasons for the Covid plague and how it is changing our world.

The Reasons for Covid 

If I was an atheist/materialist/naturalist kind of guy I would label Covid 19 as a bad batch of chemicals (disease) in our history. I would probably believe it was passed from bats or some other animal to human beings and expect the government to do something about it (government power is a God-substitute for many non-believers).

In essence, I would view Covid as an inconvenient blip in the march of survival of the fittest.

But I hold a biblical worldview of God, evil, the fallenness of human beings, disease, the rise of nations and science, and God’s providential direction of history. I don’t settle for “it just happened accidently” and that governments are the only strongmen that can defeat it.

As I’ve analyzed the Covid pandemic through a biblical/historical prism, I believe there are reasons for its existence and use as a politic tool. And if there was forethought for its reality and use, there must be reasonable entities behind it. In the atheistic/chance world, there are no “reasons” for anything. All is random, unplanned. Reason comes from intelligent moral beings.

Adam & Eve

I believe in two real humans I will meet one day in eternity. Adam and Eve uniquely stand out as parents of the human race, created in the image of God (abilities of mind, will, and emotion). We all descend from them some 6,000 years ago. Adam & Eve committed the original sin of disobedience to God which resulted in our fallen creation which includes an imperfect world and its diseases.

Whenever I get sick, I first chalk it up to Adam & Eve. The pre-curse world didn’t contain death, sin, hardship, struggle, evil and disease. It was perfect, healthy, and full of the splendors of nature and harmony that God called “good.” Eternal life for the redeemed will also be a place of abundant life/health beyond our imagination. 

Adam & Eve’s original and tragic sin created our present environment. They are the first reason for Covid 19.

Satanic World

A group of fallen angels led by Satan or Lucifer wield some power over death and destruction on earth.  I wrote recently that Satan is a destroyer at heart, and his mischief includes the areas of disease and suffering.

The book of Job describes Satan inflicting Job with disease that left him poor, destitute, infirmed, and led to his famous conversation with God about suffering. Job is one of the earliest books of the Bible written in the shadow of the post-flood world. Job watched evil angelic beings kill his children, destroy his possessions, and sicken his body through evil forces.

I believe the Satanic realm is more responsible for certain diseases in this world than we comprehend. Just before his death by cancer in 2009, famous missiologist Ralph Winter was researching the theory that cancerous mutations contain a demonic element. 

Seems reasonable to me–and we will “know” one day.

Wuhan Lab

An array of evidence now points to the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab in China as the place where Covid 19 escaped. Some evidence points to a series of accidents by scientists at the lab that infected them, spread to the city population, and was finally carried everywhere. This activity was partially funded by American grants (Anthony Fauci) on “gain of function” research taking place at the Wuhan lab.

Dr. Fauci’s credibility is all but destroyed for lying about the “gain of function” experiments

But others believe the Covid virus may have been deliberately released from the lab to create havoc in the world’s largest economy (USA) and prepare the way for Chinese ascendancy on the world scene. Barack Obama’s phone call may not have been necessary.

Tyrannical Politicians

I wanted to use the word “politicians” in the sub-title, but something far more sinister and coordinated is happening in the United States and in other nations. Many government leaders (not all) have chosen to use the Covid 19 pandemic and the Delta variant to advance authoritarian control in their jurisdictions.

There is a good reason why American Marxism by Mark Levin is the number one non-fiction best seller in the USA right now (and worldwide), followed closely by Ben Shapiro’s The Authoritarian Moment. Both make the case that powerful and deceitful politicians are “softening up” the Western World for some form of authoritarian rule (Marxism, Fascism, Communism etc.).

Here are some of the tyrannical political strategies:

  • Use pandemic jitters to defeat Donald Trump and elect a mentally challenged Joe Biden who can be manipulated by others. Susan Rice, close friend of Obamas who lied to us about the Ben Ghazi massacre in 2012, serves as the administration’s chief domestic advisor. She approves the trillion-dollar handouts to progressive groups and cash payments to individuals that make us dependent on Big Government. (Maybe the Obama phone call to Beijing isn’t that far-fetched.)
  • Concoct a “public health emergency” to create fear among millions (billions worldwide). Fear is the normal tactic of the satanic kingdom.
  • Promote lockdowns to destroy the innovation, freedom, and supply chains of free enterprise/capitalism to weaken the West to accept a governmental “savior” in the future.
  • Use masks and vaccinations to divide the country and teach people to “submit” to whatever their leaders tell them.
  • Divide and conquer the Church in America through shutting down corporate gatherings, division over mask mandates, and believers getting used to “staying away” from public worship.

All over America and the world, tyranny-oriented leaders are using this “public health crisis” to expand their powers and exalt themselves as the new Savior of the masses. They want Jesus, and the “We the People” freedoms He brings, to be destroyed. 

They long to become our new Lord and Master.

God’s Providence

I cringe when I hear believers sometimes carelessly exclaim that “God is in control.” He is, and He isn’t.

God doesn’t control the individual sins of people (rape, murder, theft) nor the governmental sins of nations (inflation, abortion, corruption, and tyranny). These are controlled by the moral actors in our world and influenced by satanic agents. God sometimes “delivers” people from evil in answer to prayer and limits the consequences of sin.

But He does not control all free choices. When there’s no freedom, there’s no possibility of love.

God controls running the cosmos, the ultimate direction of human history (providence), and the power and advance of the Good News of Jesus Christ on earth. In that big sense, He is “in control.” Billions will be saved. Nations can be changed. His eternal kingdom will one day reign forever. He also uses world events to purify His Church and direct its mission on earth.

Until His final victory (Revelation 19), we battle for souls and nations. There will be an all-powerful world tyranny just before the final consummation (Revelation 13). We don’t know if it’s gaining traction now or lies in the distant future. 

Only God knows. But He never tells–because as Senator Rand Paul recently admonished us, we must always resist evil by overcoming it with good (Romans 12:21). 


  1. Dennis Fuqua on August 12, 2021 at 3:54 am

    Well stated, my friend!

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