The Necessity of Donald Trump

The 2018 mid-terms are behind us with the Republicans gaining seats in the Senate, and the Democrats taking the House with an average mid-term turnover. It will take days or weeks for the “rosters” to be finalized.

I never used to think much about in-between-year voting, but with the America nation  divided as it is between two worldviews–the biblical version and secular utopia–every election either leads toward great danger or points us to renewal.

We are truly engaged in a civil war for a culture. The word “culture” comes from cultus which refers to what we worship or believe.

As the dusts settles, one thing is abundantly clear that some fail to admit or grasp.

The necessity of Donald Trump.


I have stated many times my concerns about President Trump, including:

  1. Using tweets to call people names. Yes, I understand his need to directly communicate with the American people due to the Democratic Party and mainstream liberal media joining forces to push a progressive agenda on the nation. The president must fight back from his bully pulpit–just don’t resort to childish name-calling. Stick to the issues and accomplishments.
  2. His multiple marriages and past immoral lifestyle. They speak more of a self-centered playboy than a godly civil servant. But they happened in the past–and I believe in forgiveness and second chances. Only God knows the heart.
  3. A gruff, pugilist style. He shows it far less than the dishonest caricatures of him, yet it still bothers me at times. But I understand different personalities and accept his explanation that New Yorkers are “tough, not mean” while the D.C. Swamp is “mean, but not tough.” Maybe we need a Teddy Roosevelt-type as opposed to an “Ike” personality in the White House right now.

I’ve also stated that it is nearly miraculous that Donald Trump got elected in 2016. I voted for him because:

  1. He believes in America exceptionalism, the U. S. Constitution, loves his country, and wants to make it great (prosperous).
  2. His policies follow biblical-traditional norms of faith, family, freedom, limited government, and military strength.
  3. He has kept his campaign promises more than any president in my lifetime, including appointing good judges and justices.

Over the past two years, I’ve come to believe that we needed him to win in the incredible election of 2016. We also need him in 2018.

It might just be a God-thing.

Here’s why.

In 1964, sixteen years before he became president, Ronald Reagan said in his memorable “A Time for Choosing” speech that, “You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between left or right. Well, I’d like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There’s only an up or down.”

I also reject left/right analogies. In today’s world of competing worldviews as opposed to varying shades of the same, it’s clearer to talk about right and wrong, up and down.

Donald Trump, for all his faults, is pointing America in the “right” or “up” direction which includes faith in God, gender sanity, biblical morality (strong families), the right to life, economic freedom and opportunity, religious liberty, national sovereignty and peace through strength.

All these principles or policies lift people up–point them in the right direction. Their opposites, as pushed by the progressive Democrat Party and media allies, pull people and nations down–they lead us away from national good.

Donald Trump appears to be a necessary force pointing the way because other influencers in America society are either AWOL or asleep. They include:

A Disengaged Church

Through white evangelicals produced some of the crucial votes in the Trump victory, it’s also true that millions of believers in Jesus Christ don’t show up at the polls in most elections–especially off-year ones. I’m sure that proved true yesterday.

Some are friends and family who, for many reasons have disengaged from the political process. They are either distracted by life, disillusioned by poor governmental leadership, have “separated” church and state (wrongly), or are looking to Jesus and a future heaven at the expense of doing his will on earth.

We rarely see voter drives in churches anymore–let alone hear stirring messages on “righteousness exalts a nation” and the duty of citizenship. We have become so seeker sensitive, not wanting to offend anybody, that we rarely discuss the great issues of the day. Hence, “All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” (Edmund Burke).

That’s the 21st century American church (with a few exceptions). Detached, disengaged, and practically irrelevant culture-wise.

How we need revival in  the Church!

Weak-kneed Republicans

A significant portion of the nation woke up in 2016 and put Republican leaders in the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. They believed our GOP officials would follow President Trump’s leadership and repeal Obamacare, build a wall, inaugurate tax reform, strengthen our defense and begin renewing our nation.

The GOP wimped out on Obamacare and border security, passed tax cuts and a pro-military budget, confirmed some good judges and justices, but also disappointed the voters by refusing to drain the swamp and fight for American renewal. Then, forty-four of them decided to retire before the 2018 midterms, including House Speaker Paul Ryan,  anticipating a Democratic wave and making the GOP  vulnerable. They may have had their reasons for stepping down, but courage wasn’t one of them.

When given the opportunity to revive America, the Republican Party fell woefully short. That’s why they lost the “People’s House” yesterday by 5-15 seats (close races are still being counted).

Militant Democrats

The party of democracy, with a rich heritage in Jeffersonian principles and Jacksonian populism, has been taken over by radical progressives who embrace socialism, moral anarchy. and want to destroy America’s biblical heritage. To the voters’ credit, many of their rising stars lost this cycle (the governor’s races in Georgia and Florida and Ted Cruz defeating Beto O’Rouke in Texas), but other bomb-throwers prevailed like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, and senators Bernie Sanders, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

With the Dems take-over of the House in January, Nancy Pelosi, one of the most corrupt, dishonest, and air-headed politicians this country has ever produced, might once again lead the People’s House.

She’s also a primary cheerleader for the “Resistance” including mob violence. This election presented a clear choice between “Mobs or Jobs.” And we foolishly gave San Francisco representative Nancy Pelosi the keys to the car.

Entitled Citizens 

For all the faults of believers and parties, elections in free nations primarily reveal the character of the populace and what they believe.

Our forefathers trusted in God, life, and liberty, and through godly character and sacrifice, created a nation that could bless the world–including leading the charge of world evangelism.

Their progeny in this generation have fallen short of those ideals, many of them settling for self-indulgence, personal entertainment, living off the fruits of others, and a feeling of entitlement.

In 2018, we elected many leaders in our own image who will help us raid the public treasury.

With all these forces aligned against us in 2016, Donald Trump defied all predictions and became our 45th president. In 2018, he fired up hundreds of thousands of people in 54 major rallies around the nation that lifted the Republicans to victory in the Senate.

Whereas Bill Clinton lost 54 House seats in 1994 and Barack Obama was rebuked in 2010 by losing 63 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate, Donald Trump’s coattails limited the House takeover to 5-15 seats (still being counted).

While the Church slept, the Republicans cowered, the Dems resisted, and the American people enjoyed their selfies on Facebook and Instagram, one mercilessly-criticized American president led the charge for national renewal. He wasn’t my first choice and  certainly had his baggage.

But he pointed the way “up” as no one else did–and continues to do so.

Hence, the necessity of Donald Trump.


  1. Roger Cresswell on November 9, 2018 at 12:33 am

    Thanks Ron,
    Excellently sculptured article which resonates throughout the length and breadth of this great Republic. Free governments are watching and expectantly anticipating ways to emulate America’s success abroad.

  2. Lynn Battermann on November 8, 2018 at 4:53 am

    Hi Ron;
    another scholarly epistle, very right on.
    we did not elect a pastor, we elected a fallen business man who has risen to the challenge the Lord laid before him. I think the prayers of the pastors around him, Mike Pence and other Christians around him are a great influence to his growth as a believer. He sleeps very little, does not drink or smoke and sounds like he is reading the bible too.
    So, God bless the President and I pray he is able to work now the Democratic house. God’s puts leaders in and takes them out, blessed be the name of the Lord.

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