Government Schools Were A Bad Idea

There is much unrest in Cuba this week and I encourage you to pray for this important island nation just ninety miles off the coast of Florida. 

I have never been to Cuba, but have friends who have ministered there. Cuba is a sobering example of what the U.S. could become if we do not resist tyranny in our own nation.

The Cuban government-run schools indoctrinate youth in Marxism/socialism/communism. The same thing is now happening in America via our state-run schools.

Government schools were a bad idea.

Here’s why.

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American Revival Solutions: Flee the Public Schools

Today I launch a serious of blogs on American Revival Solutions. They all begin with God and a revival of truth and grace which is the power to change nations.

And revival is God’s finger pointed at me (and you). 

Since I have worked with youth all my life, my heart goes out to students trapped in the current propaganda mills of government education.

This fall, post-Covid, we must flee the public schools. 

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