Eighty-One Days of Friendship

I made a fresh commitment this year that I posted on the wall of my office:

“Evangelize the open and disciple the willing.”

What I learned this summer is that sometimes the open, willing and utterly surprising actually come to you.

Here’s a story that just might touch your heart. It involves eighty-one days of friendship.

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Two Suitcases Packed

I have a friend named Sue who’s dying of cancer. Unless God intervenes in the natural course of this disease, she will no longer be with us in two years.

When I first heard of Sue’s predicament, my stomach went into knots. I decided to call her husband, Dan Secrist—who founded YWAM’s work in Spain many years ago—and ask about Sue.

I wanted to know how to pray, and to let them know I cared.

That’s when I heard about two suitcases that were packed.

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