Political Deception

I recently wrote that the number one problem facing humanity in the 21st century is widespread spiritual deception–affecting billions of people.

That sea of deception is rising. It emanates from the unseen demonic world–ensnaring unsuspecting people in lies that ultimately hurt them and nations.

Spiritual deception produces another insidious form of deceit.

Political deception. It’s also growing.

Political Deception

People have asked me why I often write about politics and government. There are a number of reasons.

First, I have a God-given interest. I’ve always been fascinated by political leaders, public policy and transforming nations.

I wrote my first book on this subject (What About Jimmy Carter?) at age 23. My second book–Leadership for the 21st Century–was the first of many books YWAM has published on influencing and discipling nations.

Second, God called me to be a prophetic voice–as did the Old Testament prophets. We all try to speak the truth. God has led me to do it in a variety of cultural settings.

Third, government is the second most powerful sphere of human leadership (after the Church). It is the only one, appointed by God, that is mandated to use force. This responsibility to punish wrong behavior makes it both a necessary and dangerous realm of human jurisdiction.

It needs to be kept in check.

I have met and worked with various political leaders. Early in life, I made it a personal goal to visit and pray for many capital cities–and their influence on people (1 Timothy 2:1,2).

Today, I see political deception surging in the U.S. and many other nations.

Here’s some of the evidence.

Destructive Leadership

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (current approval rating of 28%) Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, and many others are among the most hate-filled politicians in our nation’s history. Their policies–the current political platform of the Democratic party–would destroy this nation as we know it. How did we ever entrust power to them?

Political deception.

Biased Media

The mainstream media is now fully in league with secular progressives to diminish America. They spout “Fake News” everyday. The latest example was trying to use the Covington Catholic School kids to bash “white privilege” in America. The complete tapes of the encounter finally exposed them, but the damage had been done-with few apologies.

Political deception.

Deep State Corruption

I never knew that powerful bureaucrats ran much of America–totally outside of presidential and legislative accountability (let alone the People). I suppose it follows the growth of government. Size and power corrupt.

The Mueller investigation, political biases at FBI  and Department of Justice, the push for internationalism by the State Department, IRS abuse under the Obama administration, and numerous other examples reveal that the larger human governments become, the more they turn toward evil.

Even President Trump looks hand-cuffed in trying to “drain the swamp.” Swamp water appears to be the beverage of choice in Washington, D.C–but not in Rio Linda.

Political deception.

Abortion Holocaust

The tragedy of abortion–the merciless killing of innocent babies-56 million in America and over 1 billion worldwide–constitute the world’s biggest holocaust.

Though thousands marched against abortion this year, and millennials are emerging as a pro-life generation, New York state recently “celebrated murder” by passing the most liberal abortion law in American history. People stood and cheered when Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement and lit up various city buildings in pink.

Cheering the murder of babies? Have we gone mad?

Yes–through political deception.

Socialist Seduction

Trump Administration tax-cuts and re-regulation policies have elevated America’s economic freedom from 18th to 12th place in one year, (2019 Index of Economic Freedom).

Yet, the election of many socialists to Congress, such as New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who wants a 70% tax rate), and other progressive presidential wannabees such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren (who would confiscate the assets of the rich), and Kamala Harris, bode ill for America’s future.

We need more freedom, not less. More producers–not victims. “Medicare for All” would create poverty for all. How can we be so dense about Economics 101?

Political deception.

Sexual Confusion 

The secular assault on the biblical values of masculinity and femininity, the sanctity of marriage, sexual purity, and gender roles, has been breath-taking and family destroying–over the past two generations.

Actress Kate Hudson announced last week that she would raise her  little girl “genderless.” Are we nuts? God made them male and female–imprinted in 98% of the trillions of cells in the body. Yes, it’s okay for girls to be tomboys and boys to be sensitive. But, denying your own creation?

Weep for the kids of political deception.

Global Warming Propaganda

Isn’t it obvious that the world is in a cooling pattern at the moment–not warming–with the Midwest USA setting record lows this past week? (Yes, worldwide). Because of this troublesome fact, they changed “global warming” to “climate change” some years ago as if a verbal sleight-of-hand would fool us.

No, we don’t know if fossil fuels affect temperatures. We do know the earth is in a cooling pause currently. Does that make me a global warming denier, or an honest person? Maybe a concerned citizen who doesn’t want the lie of global warming to be used as a prelude to one-world rule.

Political deception.

Secular Education

This is the fault of the Church–letting secularists take over public education, from Thomas Dewey until today. The result? Godless educational curriculum from grade school to university–actively teaching all the deceptions mentioned. Now, we don’t allow free speech on college campuses. Yikes.

Political deception (we must push for School Choice).

Immigration Insanity

And finally, the insanity of open borders, mass illegal immigration, refusing to erect a barrier to protect our citizens (as we all do for our homes), wanting to get rid of ICE, and making it noble to protect criminals and gangs in sanctuary cities.

The number one responsibility of government to to protect the God-given rights of its citizens. When you fail to do so it amount to:

Political deception.

For all of Donald Trump’s faults, Victor Davis Hanson sees him as a  restraint on political deception.

“What usually ensure one-term presidencies are unpopular wars (Lyndon Johnson) or tough economic times (Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush). If Trump avoids both, perhaps a majority of voters will see him as political chemotherapy—occasionally nausea-inducing but still necessary and largely effective—to stop a toxic and metastasizing political cancer.”

Of political deception.

Journalist Bill O’Reilly sees the deceit in our world and blames his own profession. In his column “A Bad Moon Rising in America,” he opines:

“Using propaganda techniques that would humble Stalin, the media has allied itself with the far-left progressive movement to crush traditional thought in America.  They have turned President Trump into Czar Nicholas II, branding him a menace to society and a threat to democracy.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you approve of Mr. Trump or not; the above analysis is true beyond any reasonable doubt. The result of the unprecedented Trump hate campaign is primarily playing out in two areas: economics and social.”

“In the past, the American press would have been all over the new social fascism, exposing and condemning it… But not now because the press, generally speaking, has joined the mob.”

“Stalin, Fidel, and yes, even Adolph, would be very pleased.”

So is Satan–the author of deception in our world.

This flood of spiritual darkness can only be washed away by the ocean of God’s light, shining brightly through prayer, compassion, personal evangelism, discipleship, faith, hope and love.

Violent revolutions darken the world when people demand their rights. Revivals bring heavenly sunshine when God’s people rise to their responsibilities.

Do not be deceived. Be a seeker of the truth.

And increase your light for Christ.


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