Unity Wins. So Whose Will Prevail?

The longest recorded prayer of the Savior, Jesus Christ, focused like a laser on the importance of unity. If you haven’t read it recently, it can be found in John chapter 17  in the New Testament. These intercessory words are the capstone of Jesus’ final hours with His disciples before His death and resurrection. In…

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Let’s Go on Offense and Defense To Protect the Kids

The horrific Parkland, Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018 has once again unleashed a massive national debate about guns and safety. Young people lobbied in Tallahassee, police were blamed for timidity and cowardice, and new laws are being discussed. I’m all in favor of dealing with evil and saving lives. I…

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A Triple Level Conspiracy

I hope this don’t sound like a broken record (now that’s an old analogy), yet, so little of what we hear on the news, read in print, or glance at on our phones gives an accurate perspective on what is really happening in the world. Conspiracy theories are not my thing, but I’ve begrudgingly come…

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The Devil’s Advantage & Christ’s Eternal Hope

The most horrific church massacre in U.S. history at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas reveals many things. We sadly see the face of evil once again and the carnage that comes from it. We view the heroism of the Good Samaritans who shot and chased down the despicable murderer. We hear the clamor…

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Let There Be Light

This past week, Sean Hannity produced a powerful faith-based movie called “Let There Be Light.” It ran in 373 theaters nation-wide and eclipsed many supposed block-busters and bigger name movies. People are craving God’s truth–his light. (Go see it when you can.) We also launch today a new US Renewal website. It contains blogs, books,…

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What You Need to Know About Gun-Related Deaths in America

Every time a mass shooting takes place in the U.S., like the recent and horrific massacre in Las Vegas, the knee-jerk reaction by certain politicians and the mainstream media is to blame firearms and push for more government controls. I’m all in favor of banning “bump stocks” (which I had never heard of until recently) and all…

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Surveying the Culture War Battlefields

The past three weeks I’ve focused on the threat of organized evil in the United States and other nations in the 21st century. We appear ripe for such a revolution due to our deficit of character and decline of faith.

This clash of civilizations is a culture war because it pits the Judeo-Christian view of life with its emphasis on God, faith, family and freedom against secular priorities of Big Government, skepticism, family breakdown/re-definition and economic socialism. 

Most weeks I try to focus on one issue. Today, let’s climb the heights and view the Bigger Picture where the culture war is being waged. I want you to think biblically when looking at all of life.

Here’s a sample survey of the culture war battlefields.

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Grave Danger Part 2: Trump, the NFL Protests, Why Now?

Last week I wrote about organized evil that appears to be growing in the United States and other nations. 

The obvious questions are “What is allowing this to happen?” and “Why now?”

Today, I’d like to discuss what is America’s gravest and most ominous threat. It is not anarchists, God-haters and communists, snowflake universities, twenty trillion dollars in debt, global terrorism or North Korean nukes, or inept and delinquent political leadership.

All these are serious problems that could hasten our demise.

But, what is the BIGGEST threat to our survival and destiny as a people?

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The Grave Danger of Organized Evil in Our Time: Part 1

I have many concerns about the 21st century, from terrorism to tyrants with nukes, from mass refugee migration to the breakdown of morals and family life in the civilized world. But one of those concerns is currently “on the march” in America in ways we have never seen. Just this past weekend we saw it…

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Let’s Blame Sin–Not Race or Turn Signals

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the past weekend is stirring many passions and story lines.

The Trump-Is-Wrong-About-Everything liberal press used the occasion to slam the president’s response on day one, then stayed cynical on day three when he got more specific.

Many newspapers created the impression that Nazi-sympathizers and white supremacists are taking over the nation–while progressive anarchist groups actually out number them by hundreds of thousands. Others painted the cultural battle as Left versus Right.

I have a better idea. 

Let’s blame sin–not race or turn signals. That might bring revival and reconciliation to America.

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